Where to stay in the Cotswolds

Which is the best town to stay in the Cotswolds?

England is famous for its beautiful countryside; its “green and pleasant land”. And without doubt, the Cotswolds is one of the best regions for this. Spanning across 6 counties and nearly 800 miles, there are multiple villages and towns across the Cotswolds to enjoy. You are simply spoilt for choice!


If you particularly love the countryside and scenic walks, there are numerous places to choose from. You could explore the greenery of Stroud, wander around the gardens and complete the hillside walks in Chipping Campden, or make the most of the delightful nature and riverside walks in Bourton on the Water.


The Cotswolds is not just about the countryside, though; you can also immerse yourself in the region’s local history and culture. Head to Cirencester or Gloucester to learn about the Cotswolds’ fascinating Roman history, or stay in the luxurious Cheltenham and attend some of the town’s annual cultural festivals.


Arts and Crafts are also a fascinating factor in attracting tourists to the Cotswolds, and the region has its own unique, artistic style. You can visit famous market towns such as Stow on the World and admire the authentic antique store as well as the plentiful art exhibitions in Broadway.

Hotel   Avg price
The Red Lion Inn
Long Compton
160€ - 170$
Barnsley House
422€ - 447$
Manor by the Lake
464€ - 492$
Hotel   Avg price
The Old Stocks Inn
Stow on the Wold
192€ - 204$
East House
261€ - 277$
Whatley Manor
459€ - 487$


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Best towns to stay in the Cotswolds


Stow on the Wold



With a car



Stow on the WoldStow on the Wold is the highest town in the Cotswolds, perched at 800 feet on Stow Hill in Gloucestershire. This is another authentic Cotswolds Market Town with typical town houses and a bustling market. However, Stow on the Wold is particularly suited to travellers who love a good shopping trip! The town is full of antique shops, craft shops and gift stores such as the famous Tara Antiques Centre. For any traveller looking for souvenirs of the Cotswolds, this is the town to visit.


There are many excellent walks to enjoy in and around the town, so active travellers will feel at home here. You can take walking tours around the town or head to some beautiful nearby gardens. Offering a wide range of accommodation options, with many with great overhead views, a stay in Stow on the Wold is always a very pleasant and relaxing experience.



Accommodation in Stow on the Wold




Chipping Campden



With a car



Chipping CampdenChipping Campden is another picturesque Cotswolds market town in the county of Gloucestershire that makes for a very pleasant holiday destination. There is a wide range of accommodation on offer here, and a number of tourists flock come in the summer months to enjoy a peaceful holiday.


In terms of attractions, Chipping Campden is perfect for tourists who love green spaces, gardens and English nature. Very close to the town, you can walk around the charming garden of Hidcote Manor and also admire the flowerbeds at Kiftsgate Court Gardens. It is not just gardens, however, that make Chipping Campden so stunning. Walkers can enjoy taking the short hike up Dover Hill to be met with panoramic Cotswolds views.


Other than the walks in nature, Chipping Campden is home to some fascinating antique stores, arts and craft museums and churches. These really give the town a historical and cultural appeal.



Accommodation in Chipping Campden




Bourton on the Water



With a car



Bourton on the WaterStaying in Bourton on the Water is ideal for any traveller wanting to be in a lively and bustling Cotswolds Town. Indeed, Bourton on the Water is not a tranquil setting; it is often flooded with tourists and day trippers- particularly at the weekend. Its numerous attractions and vibrant atmosphere give it a mini-city like feel. There are many hotels and BnBs to choose from in the town.


As its name suggests, Bourton on the Water enjoys a riverside location- on the banks of the River Windrush. Many families come to enjoy lakeside and country walks, and it is very pleasant to enjoy a picnic on the banks of the river. Also, Bourton on the Water is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. For example, you can see many species of birds at Birdland Park Gardens, including even flamingos! The town is also home to some lovely cafes, tearooms and restaurants.



Accommodation in Bourton on the Water







With a car



BroadwayLocated in the county of Worcestershire, Broadway is a pretty and peaceful village in an area of real natural beauty. For travellers who particularly love the countryside, it is an ideal option to stay in. Art and craft fans will equally be in their element, as Broadway is home to several art and antique exhibitions. There are numerous cottages and BnB’s in the village, where you will be met by very friendly locals.


In and around Broadway there are many gorgeous walks and gardens, including at the Broadway Tower Country Park with its incredible panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the tower. After a day of exploring and hiking, there is nothing better than returning to the village centre and eating in one of the many brilliant restaurants that it has to offer. Or you could head to one of the local pubs or inns for some British beer.



Accommodation in Broadway







Without a car (reachable by train)



CheltenhamCheltenham is one of the Cotswold’s most popular towns, and certainly one of the best places to stay! Located in the county of Gloucestershire on the western edge of the Cotswolds, Cheltenham is particularly well-suited for the upmarket traveller and is famous for its luxury holiday spas, opulent hotels and many bars and restaurants at the lively Malmaison Cheltenham. Not only this, the town hosts vibrant, annual festivals which attract an audience from all over the United Kingdom and beyond. These include the prestigious Cheltenham Festival (four days of horse racing) as well as other exciting cultural events like the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and the Cheltenham Literature Festival.


Cheltenham is a great place to stay for nature lovers as it is strategically situated close to beautiful countryside. Just outside the town lies Cleeve Hill, with hiking routes that will give you stunning, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.



Accommodation in Cheltenham







With a car



CirencesterCirencester is known as “The Capital of the Cotswolds” and is the region’s largest town. Also located in the county of Gloucestershire, it is one of the best places to stay in the Cotswolds and offers a range of accommodation to suit the needs of all types of travellers.


Cirencester is undoubtedly suited to history enthusiasts and cultural travellers. Indeed, this town has a fascinating backstory and was formerly a major Roman settlement (what was known as Corinium Dobunnorum). These days, you can visit the Corinium Museum which boats a range of Roman artefacts and detailed information about the town’s history.


As well as the history, Cirencester is an ideal place for travellers who enjoy strolling around quaint and pretty English towns. You can admire its typical Cotswold stone architecture, colourful buildings and also visit the town’s famous market. Nature lovers can take peaceful walks in Cirencester Park or Cerney House Gardens.



Accommodation in Cirencester







Without a car (reachable by train)



GloucesterAnother of Gloucestershire’s fine towns, Gloucester is steeped in history and is another cultural traveller’s dream. Founded by the Romans, Gloucester boasts a range of museums including the brilliant Museum of Gloucester with its history and art exhibitions. It is a lively canalside town with a range of hotels, BnBs and cottages to suit the needs of a variety of travellers.


Despite the numerous museums, Gloucester’s stand out attraction is its cathedral. With its Norman/ Roman influence and gothic style, you simply cannot miss out on a visit.


Gloucester is not just for history buffs though- it is a perfect place to stay for nature lovers. Surrounded by stunning Cotswold scenery, you don’t have to travel far out of the town centre to enjoy the countryside. For example, making the short walk uphill at Robinswood Hill Country Park (just south of the town) will give you some splendid, sweeping views.



Accommodation in Gloucester







Without a car (reachable by train)



StroudJust south of Gloucester lies yet another great place to stay in the Cotswolds- the market town of Stroud (the capital of the Stroud District). Stroud is no average place- it was named as the best place to live in England by the British newspaper the ‘Sunday Times’ in March 2021. Unsurprisingly then, Stroud is a very popular tourist destination. There are many hotels and BnBs to choose from and despite the fact that Stroud is so popular, there are many affordable options.


Without doubt, Stroud particularly appeals to travellers who love a countryside getaway. The town is surrounded by some of the Cotswold’s finest scenery and there are many pretty gardens, parks and hillside walks to be enjoyed in and around the district. In the town itself, you can stroll around the lively markets for authentic local food, visit the mills and enjoy some quality local restaurants and British pubs.



Accommodation in Stroud