Downtown Toronto

Where is the best place to stay in Toronto?

Toronto is found on the north western shore of Lake Ontario and is the provincial capital of Ontario, Canada. It is Canada’s most populous city with around 2.8 million people and is also the largest city in the country and the fourth largest in North America. Toronto is cut up by 300km of river valleys and creeks and is home to many famous tourist attractions like the CN Tower, St Lawrence Market, various wonderful museums and unique districts that offer entertainment for all kinds of people.


Easily the best place to stay in Toronto is downtown due to the amount of attractions around you with many markets to explore, the harbour front to walk along and take in the scenic views and of course a vast amount of shopping to be done, especially at the Eaton Centre. Some of the city’s most famous museums are found here as well as the CN Tower, various gardens and art galleries. This neighbourhood has a huge amount of restaurant options and many offer American cuisine as well as Thai and other Asian dishes that can be sampled. This area also has the best bars that sell exquisite beers and cocktails and the hotels are all prestigious.

Hotel   Avg price
The Strathcona Hotel
60 York St.
128€ - 155$
Holiday Inn Express Toronto Downtown
111 Lombard Street
158€ - 191$
Novotel Toronto Centre
45 The Esplanade
202€ - 244$
Hotel   Avg price
Intercontinental Toronto Centre
225 Front Street West
200€ - 242$
The Omni King Edward Hotel
37 King Street East
210€ - 254$
Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel
1 Blue Jays Way
243€ - 294$
Soho Metropolitan
318 Wellington St West
244€ - 295$


On the map, which shows the best place to stay in Toronto, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Downtown, the best area to stay in Toronto

Downtown TorontoOne of the world’s most famous buildings is located in the downtown area of Toronto, which is the CN Tower and was one of the tallest buildings on the planet during the 1970s. It was built for media communications and there are observatory decks that are 346 metres high up, which give outstanding views of the city. You can also participate in the EdgeWalk, which is where adrenaline junkies walk outside and around the tower but don’t fear, you are strapped to a metal bar.


The tower also consists of a café, disco, bar and a fully rotating restaurant, which serves delicious food and the yummiest cocktails in Toronto. St Lawrence Market is busy place that has much history and is a symbol of old Toronto, which is used as a market as well as a meeting place. Many retail businesses and farmer’s markets have set up shop here since the 19th century and is named as one of the best markets in the world to visit. Kensington Market is another excellent market to check out and also has much history, which sells various products like cheese, jams, seafood and much more.


If you want to go more modern for shopping, you should head to the Toronto Eaton Centre, which is a huge shopping mall with over 300 shops and is where you can buy clothes, electronics and many other items. Make sure you save some time for the Royal Ontario Museum, which is located in the University of Toronto, and has an excellent collection of items that are all to do with natural history and world culture. St Michael’s Cathedral is one of the oldest and largest cathedrals in the city and is particularly famous for its intricate detail in the interior as well as exterior.


More ample shopping opportunities can be found at Yonge Street, which is a very long road that contains shops, cafes and restaurants. The waterfront is also a great place to visit as it provides beautiful views over the water and the area is full of entertainment venues like theatres, cinemas and art galleries.


There are many brilliant restaurants in the downtown neighbourhood and you are never too far away from one with Canoe Restaurant touted as one of the finest in the country, which serves delicious fish and Canadian cuisine. The harbour front is a popular area to check out for restaurants and there are also top quality American joints as well as European and Asian places to eat at and most serve vegetarian food.


There are plenty of bars and lounges that range from traditional American bars to brand-new venues and the neighbourhood has numerous luxurious hotels, including some of the most famous places like the Trump International Hotel and Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel.



Hotels in Downtown Toronto


Other neighbourhoods to stay in Toronto



Midtown TorontoThis neighbourhood is a lovely area that is nowhere as busy as downtown and is made up of small independent shops, traditional restaurants and delightful little cafes. There are also a number of things to do in the area like the Ontario Science Centre, which has fun-filled exhibitions on a range of different subjects to do with science and provides excellent fun for all the family.


The Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens is a decent sized lush green space that is also home to a forest and there are many footpaths which cyclists, runners and walkers like to use. Not the happiest place in the city but the Mount Pleasant Cemetery is well worth spending some time at and is the resting place of many famous people of the city including musicians, politicians, doctors and artists.


One of the most famous landmarks is only a short walk away from Midtown and that is the Casa Loma, which is the country’s most famous castle, which was designed and owned by Sir Henry Pellatt, who was a local businessman.


There is lots to explore at the Casa Loma, which was one of the largest private residencies and today houses a museum with mountains of interesting information about the history of the place and the owner. There are also gardens, towers and tunnels to check out and see if you can work out which parts of the castle were used in famous films like “Chicago” and “X-Men”.