Where to stay in Trinidad and Tobago

Where is the best place to stay in Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinidad and Tobago is a destination filled with infinite possibilities. Thus, you will need to know where to stay when you visit! Each island possesses unique qualities, whether it be hiking, a night out, or turtle watching - a bit of something for each person. Trinidad, the larger of the two islands, is a fast-paced environment with vibrant nightlife. In contrast to the ecological destination of Tobago, which is full of adventure and relaxation.


The capital, Port of Spain, is one of the best places for business travelers to stay among all the Caribbean Islands and is home to the island’s world-renowned festival – Carnival. Alternatively, Grande Riviere on the north coast of Trinidad is more serene and suited for anyone seeking wildlife-related activities.


While on the sister island of Tobago - the oldest - most protected rainforest within the Caribbean can be found in Scarborough, along with its picturesque beaches. The prime tourist hub, Crown Point, has a variety of accommodations to suit different budgets. However, if you wish for a more peaceful holiday, Speyside and Black Rock is the perfect gateway to nature and offers traditional hotel accommodations. Speyside is known for having the best diving sites on the island.

Hotel   Avg price
Castara Inn
131€ - 134$
Montecristo Inn
134€ - 137$
Hotel   Avg price
Bacolet Beach Club
141€ - 144$
Hyatt Regency Trinidad
Port of Spain
239€ - 244$
Blue Waters Inn
255€ - 260$
Villas at Stonehaven
Black Rock
450€ - 459$


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Best places to stay in Trinidad and Tobago



Port of Spain (TRINIDAD)


Port of Spain

All interested in history and parties, this is the city for you to stay in! No trip to Trinidad and Tobago is complete without getting lost in the historic city of Port of Spain. The magnificent architecture, culture, and the National Museum & Art Gallery will enchant history enthusiasts. Regarding family outings, the Botanical Gardens and Queen’s Park Savannah are perfect for the occasion.


The city is also known for there many trendy bars and vibrant nightlife scene. Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago will discover that Port of Spain is the champion concerning nightlife, shopping, and restaurants - there is nowhere else like it. Trinbagonians love to party, and where else than in Port of Spain (especially during Carnival season, which is usually in February) - where the excitement goes from the clubs and onto the streets. St James, St Clair, and Woodbrook will always be the best areas to find a good party.



Accommodation in Port of Spain




Grande Riviere (TRINIDAD)


Grande Riviere

Grande Riviere is the ultimate place to stay if you are seeking a quiet and eco-friendly escape as it is secluded and remote, and there are several guesthouses nearby. As well as the excellent turtle-watching expeditions, the tour guides also provide background information on the turtles and the laying activity. At this location, they also offer year-round hiking tours to waterfalls, swimming holes, and infrequently visited natural marvels in the area. Additionally, it operates birdwatching tours to see many local species, including the famous endangered Piping Gaun.


The rocky northeast coast of Trinidad Grande Riviere is well worth the drive. It is the most vital nesting ground for Leatherback Turtles on the islands. From March to August, there are hundreds of sightings per night, then three months later, thousands of hatchlings come out from the sand and go towards the sea. Furthermore, if you run your hands through the ocean, the phenomenon caused by the plankton makes the sea shimmer at night.



Accommodation in Grande Riviere




Scarborough (TOBAGO)



Travelers who are attracted to cities but would love the option of a beach nearby, this is the location for you to stay at! The hot and noisy capital of Tobago, as well as the island’s main port, is a thriving town overflowing with lively vibrancy - the street corners are always buzzing with locals, and the bars are always open. Scarborough is on in the western part of Tobago, and it is the economic and cultural hub of the island. Tobago’s Historical and Archaeologic Museum is a must when you visit this town - the building is within one of the fort’s historic buildings. Scarborough’s skyline has been influenced by Fort King George, an 18th- century fortification named after King George lll.


However, not far from the hustle and bustle exist Bacolet- where the most upscale and chic hotels of Tobago are. Bacolet is known as a stunning haven bordered by palms and colorful trees. The sand is flat and brown, the sea shallow until far out, and has long swells of the fading waves.



Accommodation in Scarborough




Crown Point (TOBAGO)


Crown Point

This is the best spot to stay if your preference is being near to Tobago’s International Airport and having easy and near access to the whole shebang. This low-lying area is the island’s most heavily developed and populated zone, especially with this area being home to many of Tobago’s hotels, restaurants, and discos. Most importantly is how spectacular this favored beach is with its palm-lined, sandy beaches and crystal-clear calm aqua-blue waters.


Within the vicinity, there is also Store Bay which is just a couple of minutes walking from the airport, and Pigeon Point, which is ten minutes further, both worth visiting! Pigeon Point has white sands, clear blue waters, and a coral reef where one can go snorkeling, diving, or even take the glass-bottomed boat tour to see the magnificent marine life. Store Bay has that white sand and turquoise water you are looking for but is highly known for the famous curry crab and dumpling and the local snacks and crafts.



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Speyside (TOBAGO)



Divers, this is the place for you to stay! This scenic town is the diving hub of the Caribbean, with the beautiful Bird of Paradise Island (also known as Little Tobago) in the background. Speyside is known for its wild and beautiful reefs, birding and hunting trails, historical artifacts, and friendly locals. It is approximately a one-hour drive from the airport to this part of Tobago - the scenic mountain road drive is well worth it. Speyside is a village in northern Tobago within the Saint John Parish - it lies on the leeward coast, overlooking Tyrrel's Bay.


The spots around the Speyside village are home to various species of coral and fish - the most famous being the Giant Mantas. The reefs within this region are less disturbed than the more popular Buccoo Reef in southwestern Tobago. Thus, if you are looking for a secluded beach with aquamarine waters, this is the location for you! Regardless if you are a diver, a family, a couple, or a solo traveler.



Accommodation in Speyside




Black Rock (TOBAGO)


Black Rock

This village is particularly unique due to the large black rocks surrounding the beach - legend has it that the beach is resting on one large rock! This beach is the picture-perfect location to stay for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Additionally, at times, leatherback turtles can be seen nesting at this spot.


This area is located right below Fort Bennett and can be found between Stone Haven Bay and Great Courland Bay on the western shores of Tobago. It is approximately thirty (30) minutes from the airport by taxi. Furthermore, this historic town is only five (5) minutes walking from the stunningly golden sand and calm waters of Turtle beach and Grafton Beach.



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