US Virgin Islands

Where are the best places to stay in the US Virgin Islands?

The ever-exotic US Virgin Islands is a gorgeous group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. It is here that the weather is almost always perfect and many folks have fallen in love with this amazing destination. It’s a great place to sunbathe your cares away on white sand beaches and easy dips in turquoise waters, but it’s also a place where one keeps discovering gems in a rental Jeep.


If you want to get your adrenaline going, opt for a wide range of exhilarating water activities – from world-class diving, windsurfing, sailing, fishing and kayaking.


The US Virgin Islands has a rich cultural legacy that lives on today and the flags of seven different nations have left their imprint of the people, cuisine, music and food of this amazing location. Nazareth’s calming effect under its arched Mangrove trees is always a winner, while Frydendal opens its doors as an epic option for a honeymoon stay. Bolongo is bound to keep you busy outdoors and Christiansted promises to keep you coming back for more. Don’t forget to book a stay in East End to celebrate the rich culture of the Us Virgin Islands.

Hotel   Avg price
Sand Castle on the Beach
216€ - 257$
Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina
East End
280€ - 333$
Hotel   Avg price
Estate Lindholm
Saint John
420€ - 500$
Secret Harbour Beach Resort
473€ - 563$
Marriott's Frenchman's Cove
Estate Thomas
827€ - 984$
Hotel   Avg price
The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas
833€ - 991$


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Best Palces to stay in US Virgin Islands


Nazareth (Island of Saint Thomas)

NazarethLocated on the eastern side of Saint Thomas, lays the stunning settlement Nazareth – a beautiful haven of tranquility and turquoise waters. It’s a pleasant option for paddle boarding and along the waters on the shore and easy afternoons that should never end.


Nazareth naturally offers a wide range of accommodation to suit the needs of solo and group travelers. It’s definitely a place where you want to be as close to the beach. Around Nazareth you can add Coral World Ocean Park, a sky-ride to Paradise Point and a few holes on Mahogany Run Golf Course to your itinerary.


If you are looking a place with an easy pace to spend some family time or a nice winter getaway, then look no further than Secret Harbor. The beach might be somewhat small, but the warm waters make up for that the moment your toes reach the shore. It’s a fantastic location for full day boat charters that also includes snorkeling, followed by a comfy hammock-nap under the Mangrove trees. Sunsets are known to be epically spellbinding, so keep that camera ready.



Hotels in Nazareth



Frydendal (Island of Saint Thomas)

FrydendalFrydendal is another settlement on the island of the gorgeous Saint Thomas Island. Most visitors arrive on the Islands via Saint Thomas and the jungly cliffs seem to almost poke the sky, white sand beaches and blue waters call for an immediate swim. Frydendal is no different in this regard and just like to many of Saint Thomas’ greatest locations, this is a place for a relaxing stay.


Many of the resorts like the lavish Hotel Wyndham Margaritaville flows out onto the beach making this location a solid winner with those who favor a day out in the sun and water. Beaches like Coki and Sapphire are among the most popular and usually offers snorkeling activities. Sapphire Beach however has no charge for the use of beach chairs or snorkeling gear.


After a fun morning of discovering Frydendal, head over to Picasso’s Coffee Bar for a well-earned refreshment. Lunch and dinners at Margaritaville Café is an option for those who prefer to explore eateries outside the resorts. Landshark Bar is a great place for after-dinner drinks and this popular watering hole is definitely a great place to start your night out.



Hotels in Frydendal



Bolongo (Island of Saint Thomas)

BolongoParadise is found at Bolongo – another gem on the island of Saint Thomas. Primarily, the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort takes in most of the visitors to this area, but finding other options to stay at is easy. The area is known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Rent a car to drive out to surrounding areas if you find the beaches to be too crowded or if you simply wish to explore the surrounding areas.


Sailing on Bolongo Bay’s 53’ catamaran, Heavenly Days is simply an experience that no one should miss out on - swim with the turtles and enjoy the most mesmerizing Caribbean sunsets. Make your way to Mountain Top for stunning panoramic views followed by probably the most original Banana Daiquiri you will ever sip on.


The most underrated and seaside restaurant would probably be Mim’s Seaside Bistro and as far as ratings go, this is a place that makes Bolongo proud. It’s a perfect spot for sundowners and the freshest seafood that the area has to offer.



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Christiansted (Island of St. Croix)

ChristianstedChristiansted is a town on the northern shore of St. Croix, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. On the waterfront, the Christiansted National Historic Site features several buildings from the Danish colonial era. This is a great place if you are into the beach, but you are more into history and culture. The town is filled with charming courtyards, historic churches; stone arches that droop over shaded walkways and antique lampposts.


Christiansted shows its also shows its history in architecture. Restored town houses line the streets of this interesting little town that actually boasts with white sand beaches and aquamarine waters too. Christiansted offers vacation rentals, guesthouses and boutique hotels within walking distance to the beach, but to enjoy much more of what the area has to offer, opt for a rental car.


A visit to the Christiansted National Historical Site is a must, followed by a visit to the renowned Harvey’s for lunch or dinner. Savor amazing West-Indian cuisine at the tropical café, while looking out over the beach.



Hotels in Christiansted



East End (Island of Saint John)

East EndEast End is a settlement on the island of Saint John in the United States Virgin Islands. Much of the area is a private housing development and a very popular holiday destination. East End enjoys a very steady flow of tourism thanks to its amazing beaches and coves that are without a doubt prime spots for snorkeling, diving and fishing.


What really keeps St. John’s East End feeling so remote and unhurried is the fact that it is largely off limits to developers. More than half the island is taken up by one of the lesser-known parks in the national park system, Virgin Islands National Park. It’s a great place for a chilled out family vacation or for a getaway that turns into a ‘stay-cation’.


Hansen Bay Beach and Vie’s Beach are often regarded as the two most popular beaches for sunbathing and days out in the sun. Located on the east end of St John is Hansen Bay. Although it is comprised of several beaches – the one most often visited is Vie’s beach – located directly across the road from Vie’s Snack Shack. They provide parking, a shady spot to enjoy some island cooking and access to the beach and beach chairs.



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