Best place to stay in Ushuaia

Where is the best place to stay in Ushuaia?

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, is located on the Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego, surrounded by beautiful lakes, forests, sea and mountains. It offers a wide variety of activities all year round, such as skiing in winter and trips to explore the virgin landscape in summer. There are also many trips from here to visit the Martial Glacier, the Monte Castor, the Tierra de Fuego National Park, etc.


If you are looking for some warmth and atmosphere in cold Ushuaia, the best place to stay is the city centre. The main street is Avenida San Martín, which is where the majority of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, chocolatiers and liquor stores can be found. Other lively streets are the Avenida Maipú and Avenida Lasserre. You can also explore the obelisk from here, which is located within the Plaza 12 de octubre.


From the centre itself you can also enjoy amazing views of the Canal (Beagle Channel), as well as explore the bay´s port, from where catamaran trips leave heading to the Canal de Beagle, which is home to the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse, Isla de los Lobos and the Isla de los Pájaros. The city also has a large number of museums, such as the Maritime Museum, the Museo Del Fin del Mundo (End of The World Museum), or the old Ushuaia prison.

Hotel   Avg price
Hostería Hostal Malvinas
Gdor. Deloqui 615
53€ - 52$
Hotel Austral Ushuaia
9 de Julio 250
68€ - 67$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Vitalia
Av. San Martín 776
67€ - 66$
Posada Fueguina
9410, Comodoro Augusto Laserre
80€ - 78$
MIL810 Ushuaia Hotel
25 de Mayo 245
85€ - 83$
Alto Andino Hotel
Gdor. Paz 868
86€ - 84$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Canal Beagle
Av. Maipú 547
107€ - 105$


On the map, which shows the most convenient place to stay in Ushuaia, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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Staying out of town


If we want to be in the middle of nature, we can find magnificent hotels near the city of Ushuaia.



Los Cauquenes Resort


Los Cauquenses ResortLos Cauquenes Resort is located 4 kilometres from the city and is the only luxury resort and spa located on the Beagle Channel beach.


A hotel that breathes peace and tranquillity, and with spectacular views from all its spaces.



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Hotel Bagu Ushuaia


Bagu Ushuaia HotelLocated 10 km from the city, in the middle of the mountains and overlooking the Olivia River, Bagu Ushuaia Hotel is a very cosy wooden hotel.


A good base for hiking and then relaxing in its indoor pool or hot tub.



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Hotel Los Acebos Ushuaia


Los Acebos Ushuaia HotelLos Acebos Hotel is located over the city of Ushuaia with magnificent views over it and the entire bay. Its facilities and especially its restaurant are excellent.


Like the other hotels away from the city, it offers a free transfer service.



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Where to stay near Ushuaia


UshuaiaIf we go to Ushuaia via the National Road 3 or arrive via the airport of Rio Grande, we can choose to sleep in the city of Rio Grande or in Tolhuin town before arriving in Ushuaia.




Rio Grande: a good option for staying close to Ushuaia, if arriving via the international airport "Gobernador Trejo Noel”, is to sleep in Rio Grande, the city of arrival. The city of Rio Grande is located about 200 km from Ushuaia and is the most populated city in the province of Tierra del Fuego.



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Tolhuin: if we want to stay in a more natural environment, outside the city, the town of Tolhuin on the shores of Lake Fagnano is a good option. Located only 100 km from Ushuaia, it’s the closest town on the descent towards Ushuaia via the National Road 3.



Hotels in Tolhuin