Where to stay in Vermont

Where are the best places to stay in Vermont?

By Marielle Sabbag. September 15, 2023

Vermont is a cozy year-round New England destination. Vermont offers an enchanting blend of diverse and charming destinations for travelers to stay.


If you want to go in the winter and you like to ski we recommend Killington, Stowe, and Rutland. If you want to go to Vermont in the summer, we recommend you stay in Burlington, Woodstock, or Manchester. They are nice towns with astonishing nature surrounding the area with lots of outdoor activities to do. For sure you have to go there once in the fall to see the foliage. The best places to see the foliage are Middlebury, Waitsfield, and Bennington.


Come to Killington to ski the mountains. Stowe is also a fantastic venture for skiers. Enjoy the bustling downtown scene and the scenic Lake Champlain in Burlington. For a taste of classic New England, Woodstock beckons history lovers with the charming Woodstock Inn & Resort. From Rutland's peaceful retreat to Waitsfield’s Mad River Valley or exploring Middlebury College in Middlebury, look forward to the restaurants in Bennington.


In this Vermont travel guide, I’ll delve deeper into the best places to stay in Vermont, each destination promising a unique experience in this scenic corner of the United States.

Hotel   Avg price
The Snowed Inn
435€ - 474$
Hotel Vermont Burlington
497€ - 542$
Jackson Gore Village on Okemo Mountain
546€ - 595$
Hotel   Avg price
The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa
345€ - 376$
Woodstock Inn & Resort
573€ - 625$

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Best places to stay in Vermont


Stowe (Northern Vermont)


Located in northern Vermont, Stowe is the best place in the winter for skiers to hit up the trails during the winter months or take a walk along the Stowe Recreation Path in the summer time. Store is exquisite at any time of year, boasting stunning natural beauty. The town of Stowe is a worthwhile venture.


The Stowe Mountain Lodge is a great place to stay, nestled beneath Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in the state. It’s a rustic and charming resort that accommodates an assortment of lavish beds. Go to sleep with a picturesque view of Spruce Peak.


Stowe is also the best place to shop and explore all the stores downtown. Adventure seekers will want to take the family on an adventure to check out the nostalgic von Trapp Family Lodge which was founded by the real-life von Trapp family from the classic film, ‘The Sound of Music’



Hotels in Stowe




Burlington (Northern Vermont)


Located in northern Vermont, Burlington is one of the best places to stay in the winte or to take a bike ride along the scenic Waterfront Park in the summer time. As the largest state in Vermont settled on the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is a culturally vibrant town with several activities.


Surrounded by scenic locations, the Adirondack Mountains are located in the east while you can find the Green Mountains in the west. Burlington includes welcoming accommodations like the Essex Resort & Spa. You can find something fun to do with the whole family.


While you can skii in the winter, get out your bike or walk along the walkways or Waterfront Park once it’s warm out. The downtown area is a lively destination to visit shops and local art scenes. For the history buffs, take a look at the interactive natural history exhibits at the ECHO Leahy Center.



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Killington (Central Vermont)


Located in central Vermont, Killington is the best place in the winter for skiers. Killington, Vermont is a thrilling destination known for its world-class ski resorts. The humungous snowy mountains stretch for miles. White Heat is the best (and steepest) trail.


After you’re finished skiing you must be wondering where to stay afterwards. The Killington Grand Resort Hotel is a comfortable stay and gives travelers easy access to the slopes. During the winter months, The Killington Grand Resort Hotel is buzzing with activity from downhill skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Several restaurants and bars are in the town. Unwind after an exciting day with a delicious meal or a hardy drink.


Not just in the winter but during the summer, take a hike up the steep mountains to witness the incredible view at the top. With its breathtaking views and cozy recreational opportunities, Killington, Vermont is a quintessential year-round Vermont experience.



Hotels in Killington




Waitsfield (Central Vermont)

WaitsfieldLocated in central Vermont, Waitsfield is a great place to stay in the winter for ski lovers and in the summer for hiking aficionados. Waitsfield has stellar natural beauty. Admire the vibrant fall tree colors in Mad River Valley or take a ski adventure down the mountain in the winter.


Known for its welcoming atmosphere, Waitsfield is one of the best areas to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. The Pitcher Inn is the best bed-and-breakfast, providing a cozy retreat after travelers have been exploring all day. One of the best restaurants we recommend to you is The Hideaway. It has the best meatloaf you’re ever going to taste.


The rolling hills, large forests, and scenic landscapes of Waitsfield are not to be missed. Make sure you pack the camera. This is the destination for all you outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy skiing, hiking, kayaking, or tubing on the river.



Hotels in Waitsfield




Rutland (Central Vermont)

RutlandLocated in central Vermont, Rutland is a great place to stay in the winter to ski the mountains near Pico or Killington Ski Resort. Known by residents and travelers as one of the most welcoming towns, Rutland transforms into a winter wonderland.


As a serene escape for any traveler, one reason why travelers are drawn to Rutlan, Vermont is for its outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, and natural beauty. Located near the Green Mountain National Forest, Hikers can explore trails that overlook scenic views. If you don’t want to find a hotel in the town set up camp under the stars.


Downtown Rutland is the best spot to explore. It’s a historic Victorian area with shops and restaurants lining up the streets. Attend the Vermont State Fair. Whether you’re seeking to examine Rutland’s natural beauty or relax in the welcoming town, Rutland offers a range of diverse experiences for all visitors.



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Middlebury (Central Vermont)

MiddleburyLocated in western Vermont, Middlebury is a captivating summer destination to walk along the accessible Robert Frost Interpretive Trail. This picturesque town offers all travelers outdoor or cultural enrichment. Middlebury is a delightful destination for history buffs or anyone interested in checking out the campus of Middlebury College.


Known for its rich culture, Middlebury embodies well-preserved 19th-century architecture. Visit the Middlebury College Museum of Art where you can tour the galleries of current student’s paintings. You cannot miss the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference. This attraction celebrates the literary heritage of the region.


After you take a walk through Middlebury’s charming town filled with shops, read famous poems by Robert Frost along the accessible Robert Frost Interpretive Trail. Nature enthusiasts will love exploring hiking trails, and going for a bike ride. Not too far is Lake Champlain where you can bask in natural beauty. Visit year-round and have a memorable time.



Hotels in Middlebury




Woodstock (Southern Vermont)


Located in southern Vermont, Woodstock is a warm and friendly destination with a wide array of summer activities. Woodstock is a warm and friendly place, considered by most residents as an ideal starting destination. Immerse yourself in the rustic ambiance of Woodstock, Vermont.


Enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities and culture in the area. If you’re planning to stay overnight, take a look at The Woodstock Inn & Resort. Not only is the resort equipped with luxurious rooms but it also has a golf course.


As soon as you enter the town, Woodstock is surrounded by shops, eateries, and galleries. Eat a piece of cheese or taste a sample of rich maple syrup. Woodstock, Vermont is known for its agricultural heritage. Our advice is to stop in at Queechee Gorge and Billings Farm & Museums and take a hike. This area is gorgeous to take pictures in the summer or winter.



Hotels in Woodstock




Manchester (Southern Vermont)


Located in southern Vermont, Manchester is a charming New England destination in the fall to admire the changing leaves and in the summer for outdoor enthusiasts. This charming New England destination is located near the Green Mountains and the Battenkill River.


Known for its serenity and picturesque quality, Manchester is the perfect place to survey historic buildings and take walks along Mount Equinox. Did you know that the former home of Abraham Lincoln’s son is located in Manchester, Vermont? Make a visit to the Hildene estate and learn historical facts.


The town of Manchester is enveloped by captivating landscapes and has several art galleries for eager visitors. Outdoor enthusiasts and culture seekers will relish shopping for gifts around the town. Find a souvenir to remember your trip. And let’s not forget Manchester’s exquisite dining options. Make a reservation for Ye Olde Tavern, known as the best restaurant in Manchester, Vermont.



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