Viña del Mar

Where is tha best area to stay in Viña del Mar?

Close to Santiago and Valparaiso, Viña del Mar is Chile´s main tourist destination, aside from the capital. In summer, high-season, the town fills with Chileans and Argentinian tourists who head to Viña del Mar on their summer holidays, looking to enjoy its beaches and array of leisure activities. Renowned across Spanish speaking countries for its musical festival, Viña del Mar forms part of the South American dream as a perfect holiday destination.


The best area to stay in Viña del Mar is the central area that surrounds the Casino. Near to the beach and city centre, this area is known as the gastronomic centre of Viña del Mar. In addition to the wide array of restaurants, it is also home to the majority of pubs and bars for evening drinks or dancing the night away. Just behind the casino lies the most popular seafront promenade in Viña del Mar, the Avenida Perú. The metro, which will take you to Valparaiso, is also just a short walk away.


An alternative area to stay in is the lower Reñaca neighbourhood, which is famous for its beaches, leisure offering and cuisine, although it is somewhat far from the city centre.

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On the map, which shows the best place to stay in Viña del Mar, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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The central area adjacent to the Casino, the best place to stay in Viña del Mar


Casino Viña del MarViña del Mar, also known as the Garden City, is the perfect combination between avant-garde buildings, 4km of white sand beaches, ample green spaces and a diverse hotel, artistic, cultural, gastronomical and recreational offering. However, the most popular area to stay in, when visiting this tourist destination, is the central area which is adjacent to the Casino Municipal, located in the Valparaíso Region at 199 San Martín Avenue, very close to the city centre and Perú Avenue, where you can enjoy a quiet walk along the shore.


If you walk a little further, you´ll come across the Vergara Pier, a tourist attraction famous for its gardens, gastronomy, shopping and peculiar structure, which was renovated in 1983, from where you can sit back and take in the beautiful Valparaíso Bay and the coastal surroundings of Viña del Mar. You can also visit the Marina Mall from here, an avant-garde and ample space which boasts all the necessary amenities, such as shopping.


After landing at the Santiago Airport, to get to the best area to stay in Viña del Mar, you need to take a bus or taxi to the Pajaritos Station, where you can take a bus to Valparaíso and its municipalities. When you get there, just board the bus which will take you to the Viña del Mar Bus Station, which is just a few blocks from the recommended area.


The central area is home to one of the most important gastronomic sectors in Viña del Mar, where you will find numerous restaurants specialising in both creole and international food, especially seafood, and not forgetting the regions amazing wine.


As for the nightlife, the bars and pubs are the showstoppers here; but if you want to have a unique experience in the central area, you must pay a visit to the OVO NIGHTCLUB, the most important venue in the region, which is located on the second floor of the Casino, where you will be amazed by the intensity of the effects, lights and themed parties.


The central area adjacent to the Casino is an ideal place to stay in Viña del Mar thanks to its diversity and party atmosphere, its welcoming feeling, both during the day and at night, and its proximity to the other attractions in the Garden City.

Reñaca, the other place to stay in Viña del Mar


Renaca Viña del MarTo the north of Viña del Mar, you will find Reñaca, one of the most exclusive areas in the Gran Valparaíso, located 7km (15 minutes) from the centre of Viña del Mar, renowned for its long beach and the buildings that you can see in the distance on the hillside. It has the perfect combination of bohemian atmosphere with fun, outdoor activities and nightlife for all tastes. Reñaca Bajo, unlike Reñaca Alto which is a more of a residential area, is becoming the epicentre of summer activity for the local businesses as well as the tourists.


Some of the places of interest on offer in Reñaca, apart from the beach, are the Plaza Reñaca, the famous shopping centre; Cochoa, a peaceful family-friendly beach with various restaurants, especially seafood; and the Gómez Carreño National Park, where you can enjoy a wide array of typical vegetation of the region.

Reñaca also offers the option to experience a very different New Year by means of the Gran Valparaíso Firework Show, which takes place every December 31.



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