Best area to stay in Athens

What are the best places to stay in Athens?

With amazing ancient ruins, award-winning museums and excellent gastronomy, Athens is one of Europe’s most intriguing destinations. Since hosting the Olympic games in 2004, the city has gone from strength to strength, and is still an affordable choice despite the recent financial crisis. Marvel at 2,500-year-old monuments such as the iconic Parthenon, which towers majestically over the city, and the Acropolis, one of the most important ancient sights in the Western world. Learn fascinating facts about ancient Greece at the National Archaeological Museum. Then, top off your stay by sampling some delicious Greek cuisine and enjoying the city’s vibrant nightlife.


The best areas to stay in Athens are the adjoining Plaka and Kouaki neighbourhoods, which are only a short walking distance from famous attractions like the Acropolis and Parthenon ruins, as well as the Acropolis museum and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. These are charming areas to walk around, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, little squares and souvenir shops. You’ll also be well connected by public transport, with the Acropoli metro station within easy reach. Using the metro, you can easily access other areas of the city and Athens International Airport. Buses also run regularly to Piraeus Port, a popular starting point for cruises around the Greek islands.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel   Avg price
A for Athens
2-4, Miaouli street,
95€ - 115$
Hotel   Avg price
Athens Diamond Plus
Voulis 24 & Mitropoleos Str.
75€ - 91$
The Athens Gate Hotel
10, Syngrou Avenue, Koukaki
86€ - 104$
Hotel   Avg price
New Hotel
16, Fillelinon str.
139€ - 168$
Electra Palace Hotel Athens
18-20 N.Nikodimou street, Plaka,
142€ - 172$
Hotel Grande Bretagne
Constitution Square
395€ - 478$


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Plaka and Koukaki, the best areas to stay in Athens

Plaka and KoukakiThe areas that Best Location Hotels suggest are the districts of Plaka and Koukaki. For those of you that have come to Athens for the promise of the classical Greek Historic experience, you will be delighted by Plaka. Plaka is one of the oldest districts in Athens and is known as the, “historic” district in a town that is absolutely littered with history. Plaka is known as the old quarter situated directly below the Acropolis. The Acropolis here can be clearly seen towering above everything else within sight.


There are many pleasant restaurants and cafes located throughout the districts of Plaka and Koukaki. Take a sip of cappuccino at the Klepsydra a popular local care situated directly behine the historic Roman relic of the, “Tower of the Winds”. The, “Roman Forum and Tower of the Winds”. This site actually dates back to 50 BC, what is rather fascinating about it is that this building served as an ancient science lab. The tower was outfitted with a water clock, sun dials, wind vane and also served as an ancient astronomy outpost. If anything else this relic is the best place to take a coffee break on your journey though Athens!


But at last when you grow weary of your caffeine induced adventure you may want to take a nap! For those of you who are more luxury minded, a higher end hotel is available in this area as well. A truly top of the line establishment, “A for Athens” is located directly across from the Acropolis. It is said that here in this hotel you are never far from the majesty of ancient Greece, in fact it is said you can view the Acropolis from every window of the hotel! While staying here it never leaves your sight!


The price for this majestic palace of course is a little higher. Rates per night start at $107 per night. (79.22 E) Beautiful, spacious and modern this luxury hotel has all of the amenities you could need and is in immediate walking distance to major sites in the area. It is right by the metro as well, so you never have to take a step unless you want to. For a little extra money, “A for Athens” is a wonderful choice.


Another wonderful choice that can save you more in cash is that of, “Hotel Plaka”. This classy establishment is conveniently located between Plaka and the shopping street of Ermou. Hotel Plaka is comforting and beautiful; it features a rooftop garden that looks out upon the Acropolis. Rates for Plaka hotel begin at $88 per night. (67 E)


Either hotel located in Plaka and Koukaki are excellent tourist destinations with easy access to historic sites such as the Acropolis. These locations are also great for finding starting points for visiting the best restaurants and cafes and taking part in the vibrant night life that is Athens.



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Other convenient areas to stay in Athens

Acropolis AthensThe Acropolis is an unforgettable staple of Athens. With its great ancient temples, especially the Pantheon which was built to honor Athena, are a must see. You simply can not go to Greece without seeing these archeological treasures! Besides the history and myth that surrounds this location. This ancient Greek sight is just teeming with architectural wonder. Here you can see the buildings from 1000’s of years ago the beginnings and blueprint that most architecture in the western world would be based upon for millennia.


In the heart of the Thissio district is another historic treasure; the site of Karameikos. Here you can see circular mounds and ancient tombs for war heroes of Greeks past. There are also great finds all along the roadways of marble statues and ancient temples.


Just south of this site is that of the famed, “Agora”. Agora is often referred to as the marketplace of ideas. This is the central location where both tradesmen and statesmen bickered for the future of their democracy. This is also the site of another great temple, a tourist favorite; the temple of Hephaestus.  The most well preserved of all of Greece’s ancient temple sites.


Just east of Agora you will be pleased to find the great, “Hadrian’s Library”. Built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 132 AD, this Corinthian styled architecture was a lecture hall and also doubled as a music room and theatre complex. The library from which the site gets its name is located on the east side of the building where you can still see the slots in which manuscript scrolls from historians and statesmen alike were deposited for nearly two thousand years.


The Omonia and Exarchia districts are well known for their music venues and hard rocking atmosphere. Smack dab in the middle of Exarchia is one of the most hard rocking and jumping joints the tourist could ever ask for. This is the establishment known as, “Mo Better”. This club is a bit of a throw back to the punk rock days covering classic artists like, “The Violent Femmes”. This place is always jumping and stays open until sunrise.


Jumping clubs can be good but if you desire a more laid back atmosphere had back down to Omonia district and check out the, “Stoa Athanaton”. This premiere hangout has a bit of an older crowd and presents itself as more of a laid back lounge atmosphere. This venue also hosts classic the classic Greek style of, “Rembetatiko”.


Another hit location lies back in Exarchia with the, “Mpoemissa” this location also features traditional rembetiki music and is also a great place to eat. This night club doubles as a fantastic restaurant with wide array of classic Greek dishes and entrees.


These are just a few starting points for your adventure in Athens. Please take note of these areas as you begin your journey.