Best area to stay in Fez

Best area to stay in Fez

The city´s historical centre, or the Medina of Fez as it is called in Morocco, is a neighbourhood of windy streets like a labyrinth that awakens the senses. It´s the largest car-free urban area in the world and the main attraction in Fez. Within this area you will find the majority of the city´s main tourist spots, such as the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, the different Madrasas: Bou lnania, Al-Attarine or Al-Sahrij, and the Chouara Tannery square, a must-see postcard worthy sight in Fez.


Throughout the Medina you will find all kinds of traditional shops selling crafts, traditional sweets, clothes etc. It is a rather bustling area, meaning some travellers prefer to stay outside of the Medina, close to one of its main gates, to then explore the area on foot. But if you want to experience the real Fez, the best area to stay in Fez is within the Medina.


Another of the city´s interesting areas to visit is the Ville Nouvelle, on the Avenue Hassan II and Boulevard Mohammed V, where you find yourself in one of the best areas for an evening drink, as it is full of bars, terraces, ice cream shops and bakeries. In Ville Nouvelle you will also find the cheaper and more modern hotels to stay in as an alternative to the Medina.


Outside of the city you can take day trips to the roman settlement of Volubilis, the old town of Meknes or take a trip to the Atlas Mountains.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel   Avg price
Riad Jean Claude
10 bis, Derb El Miter
68€ - 67$
Dar Seffarine
14 Derb Sbaa Louyate
94€ - 92$
Hotel   Avg price
Riad Ahlam
24 Derb El Miter Ain Azliten
83€ - 81$
Riad Le Calife
19 Bis Derb El Ouarbiya
118€ - 116$
Riad Andalib
54 Avenue Mohammed Ben Alaoui
134€ - 131$
Riad Laaroussa
3, Derb Bechara
167€ - 164$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Fez, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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The Medina, the best area to stay in Fez


La MedinaIf you want to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle of Fez and enjoy the medieval beauty of its unrivalled ambience, it is best to stay in one of the luxury Riads located within the labyrinth like streets of the Medina. Choose one near to its walls, where it will be easier to find your way back and find taxis to get to other areas of the town. Within the ancient walls of the famous Fes el Bali Medina, you will find hundreds of shops, handcraft markets, food stalls and a lively atmosphere, but keep in mind that the Medina is also the largest car-free area in the world, with no less than 90,000 streets to explore on foot, which sometimes makes it difficult to find your way around or even get a taxi home.


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, the best option is to head for the peaceful madrasas and stay in one of the cool and quiet accommodations, which offer their own restaurant, spa and are just a few steps away from the taxi ranks. Fez boasts one of the most treasured Arabic architectures around, meaning that the ability to explore the area on foot is one of the main advantages of staying in the centre. However, remember that its not always a good idea to wander the streets at night and taxis can´t get to the inner most areas of the Medina. Full of character and beauty, the Medina immerses its visitors in the authentic Moroccan lifestyle, but when it comes to choosing accommodation, you will be thankful for a more peaceful place to rest your head, hidden away from the frantic life going on around you outside.



Hotels in the Medina of Fez

Ville Nouvelle, the other place to stay in Fez


Ville NouvelleThe Ville Nouvelle in Fez is a great alternative place to stay and is nothing like the atmosphere of the Medina. Ville Nouvelle means “New Town” as it was built in the XX century, while the Medinas date back to the XVIII and XIII centuries respectively. With that in mind, although you may not be able to experience the authentic medieval character of the urban centre, it does offer a great family environment where tourists can feel at home. It´s a much quieter and more modern area that is perfect for disconnecting from the bustling streets inside the walls. Although you will need to take a taxi to visit the Medina, they are cheap and Ville Nouvelle offers many interesting shopping centres such as the Fez Borj, and a large offering of restaurants.


In contrast to the accommodations within the Medina, where you will mainly find traditional Riads, the Fez Ville Nouvelle is mainly dominated by modern hotels, so if you don´t feel like staying in a Riad, you prefer international food to mainly Moroccan food, plan to get around by taxi and you like to go out at night, this is the best place to stay in Fez.



Hotels in Ville Nouvelle