Best area to stay in Florianopolis

Best area to stay in Florianopolis

Florianopolis, also known as Floripa, is the capital city of the state of Santa Catarina. It is an island situated in the southern region of Brazil, which boasts unrivalled beauty that attracts tourists from all around, especially in summer due to the 43 stunning beaches to be explored here. Winter visits are also highly recommended, as you will be able to enjoy the area without the hordes of summer tourists, peacefully exploring the many tourist trails, historical monuments and excellent seafood restaurants.


The city centre is a great place to stay for those looking to explore the island. The best place to stay is at one of the many hotels offering sea views on the Avenida Beira-Mar Norte, one of the city´s most popular areas. If what you are looking for is beaches, the Canasvieiras beach and the Beach of the English (Ingleses) are among the most popular in the area, and also offer the best choice of hotels.


The centre of Florianopolis boasts a great selection of things to do, from historical monuments to cultural attractions. You can easily visit everything on foot in just a few hours, as the centre is rather small and all of the main tourist attractions are close together. There are also many bus routes that will take you to the different beaches or the Florianopolis International Airport in just 20 minutes.

Hotel   Avg price
Valerim Florianópolis
Rua Felipe Schmidt, 705
42€ - 50$
Ibis Florianopolis
Avenida Rio Branco 37
42€ - 50$
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Intercity Florianopolis
Av. Paulo Fontes, 1210
51€ - 61$
Porto da Ilha Hotel
Rua Dom Jaime Camara, 43
55€ - 65$
Slaviero Florianopolis Baía Norte
Avenida Beira Mar Norte, 220
57€ - 68$
Faial Prime Suítes
Rua Felipe Schmidt, 603
58€ - 69$
Blue Tree Premium Florianópolis
Rua Bocaiúva, 2304
84€ - 100$
Novotel Florianopolis
Av. Rubens Arruda Ramos, 2034
93€ - 111$
Hotel   Avg price


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Florianoplolis, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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City Centre, the best area to stay in Florianopolis


Florianopolis city centreThe modern city centre of Florianopolis is a nice area to stay for cultural pursuits, entertainment, sea views, and luxurious dining options. On the western side of the island, the city centre of Florianopolis connects with mainland Brazil via the Hercilio Luz Bridge, while also offering simple transportation to the rest of the island.


The city centre is bordered to the north by Avenida Beira Mar-Norte, featuring a scenic promenade which attracts locals and tourist for the the views of the sea and mainland. Many high-end hotels and restaurants are situated along the promenade.


This area is ideal for travellers seeking convenience, as the city centre offers all the amenities of a modern city. There are large shopping malls, international and local restaurants, raging nightclubs, and casual pubs.


Visitors keen for an educational or cultural stay will enjoy the Public Market, Cathedral Metropolitana, Santa Catarina Art Museum, Santa Catarina History Museum, Eco-Museum of Ribeirão da Ilha, Museum of the Sambaqui Men, and Victor Meirelles Museum. All of these touristic sights can be reached on foot, as the city centre is incredibly walkable.


The coast surrounding the city centre holds several small beaches, although it is more common to make the short drive to other beaches on the island, especially Praia de Canasvierias, Praia dos Ingleses, or Praia do Campeche.



Hotels in Florianopolis City Centre


Other areas to stay in Florianopolis




Canasvieiras FlorianopolisThe neighbourhood of Canasvieirias is a nice area to stay for calm seas and nightlife. Located north of the city centre (30 minutes by car or 1 hour by bus), this area is comprised of several popular beaches, including Praia de Canasvieirias, Jurerê, and Cachoeira do Bom Jesus. Most accomodation is found on the streets, just south of Praia de Canasvieirias with sea views and beach access by foot.



Hotels in Canasvieirias






Ingleses FlorianopolisFor diverse beach activities, Ingleses is the best area to stay. Located on the northeast side of the island, Ingleses is a 40 minute drive north from the city centre (1.5 hour by public  bus). The southern strip of Praias dos Ingleses has typically calm waters, perfect for families and laid back vacationers, while the northern end usually has suitably strong waves ideal for surfing and other intense water sports.



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The beaches of Campeche are known for their strong waves, making this the best area to stay for active beach goers. Located southeast of the city centre (35 minutes by car or public bus), this is also a nice area to stay for access to the Ilha do Campeche, a scenic, rainforest island available to tour by boat from Praia do Campeche. This area is known for the nightlife scene along Campeche and Pequeno Príncipe Avenues.



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