Best area to stay in Medellin

Where is the best area to stay in Medellin?

Bogota’s sophisticated sister, Medellin, is a cosmopolitan tropical metropolis encircled by beautiful green mountains, just one hour by plane from Bogota. Its positioning close to the Equator means that it enjoys year round spring temperatures of around 22 degrees, earning it the befitting title “City of the Eternal Spring”.


Medellin may have had the reputation as one of the world’s most dangerous cities, but has since then undergone a staggering transformation to become one of Latin America’s safest and most innovative cities. While navigating downtown’s La Candelaria, make sure you visit the bronze statue filled Plaza Botero, that marks the way to the Museum of Antioquia. A metro-cable ride to some of Medellin’s harder to reach and poorer neighbourhoods as well as Parque Arví is also a must do activity.


East of La Candelaria, upscale El Poblado is the safest and most popular place to stay. It borders La Candelaria and is within close proximity of the main sights via first-class transport links, making it the best area to stay in Medellin. It is home to some of Medellin’s main attractions such as the Castle Museum, wide shopping boulevards, excellent eateries and buzzing nightlife centred around the Parque Lleras.

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El Poblado, the best area to stay in Medellin

El Poblado MedellinAlthough El Poblado is not Medellin’s downtown area, for most, it is the best area to stay in Medellin. Glittering high-rise apartment blocks showcase the city’s leap forward into pioneering construction, while leafy green avenues make it a pleasant place to discover on foot. It is Medellin’s safest neighbourhood to stay in and is also the city’s most stylish and international. The area provides access to public transport, including the metro, buses and taxis, meaning you can reach downtown in no time.


It is worth exploring the gardens and parks in El Poblado, as well as spending some time visiting the Castle Museum. Modelled on the gothic style of the castles in Loire, France, it was constructed in 1930 by architect Nel Rodríguez. Amble through its French gardens, visit the libraries and catch a temporary art exhibition. There is an endless selection of high-end shopping malls and fashionable boutiques, including Santa Fe (with a retractable roof – ready for all weather conditions!) and El Tesoro - both shopping malls and some of El Poblado’s most well-trodden shopping destinations.


The neighbourhood is also home to the best coffee shops in Medellin and has a large number of accommodation options. The city’s trendiest bars and restaurants line the streets tooth-by-jowl around Calle 10 and Parque Lleras, making it the ideal spot to have a drink and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. The morning after you can shake off the night before by renting a bike along Parque de El Poblado and San Fernando Plaza before going for brunch or a long lunch.



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Other neighbourhoods to stay in Medellin

La Candelaria

la candelaria MedellinLa Candelaria is Medellin’s central area, otherwise known as El Centro, split down the middle by Avenida Oriental. A major draw, it's the place where many of Medellin’s main attractions are found and you can spend a day exploring most of the neighbourhoods attractions on foot.


The area boasts outstanding metro and taxi links to most neighbourhoods in the city meaning you can also use it as a base to reach other areas. Its key attractions begin at the metro stop Parque Berrio, where you can pick your way through the eye-popping Fernando Botero bronze statues that adorn Plaza Botero on your way to the Museo de Antioquia, housed within the impressive art deco Museo Principal. This is Medellin’s main contemporary art museum and it has a fine collection of Botero’s other sculptures and artwork.


If you start to feel peckish, a stroll to the street stalls of nearby Parque Bolivar will allay any hunger pangs. It is a good place to sit and people watch as locals and visitors alike interact and go about their day.


After lunch browse the lively market stalls of El Hueco (the Hole) or take a walk down Junnin Street, a busy pedestrianized shopping street, where you can also find the Metropolitan Cathedral. Alternatively, the Botanical Gardens provide refuge from the city as well as a stunning butterfly house. As evening falls around Parque Periodista and Parque Boston you can discover good eateries and terrace bars that will appeal to most tastes.



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laureles medellin The smaller, residential Laureles neighbourhood offers an up-and-coming yet more tranquil alternative to the El Poblado and La Candelaria areas. Located north of Belen and west of the Medellin River and La Calandrina, it is a 15-minute walk to Floresta metro. Many of the sun-dappled streets are lined with pretty Bay Laurel Trees which gave it its name and the whole area exudes a local ambience.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the more central areas, you can walk to an array of authentic eateries, quirky cafes and bakeries. Surprisingly despite its laid-back atmosphere, it has a good selection of nightlife options, around La 20 and Calle 33, making it a great place to stay for party-goers. The city’s football stadium is also situated in Laureles, where Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellin can be seen playing.



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belen MedellinBelen is Medellin’s oldest working-class neighbourhoods that has seen a renaissance in recent times. Lying adjacent to Laureles its main draw is the Pueblito Paisa, a pretty cobbled square perched on top of a hill, with a church, museum as well as several restaurants where you can try local cuisine. The area is also host to a good variety of restaurants, shopping malls and night scene to keep you well entertained.



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