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Port Aventura is a theme park as well as a resort that is full of fun and happiness and is one that appeals to any age, be it old or young. The theme park is divided into seven parts, which are mainly focused on different parts of the world and include; Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Far West, Sesame Street and the Aquatic Park. This magical place has everything from action-packed rollercoaster’s, artificial jungles, spectacular and iconic fake buildings, waterslides as well as music and dance shows. There are also restaurants, shops, cafes, pubs and hotels in the park too.


For visiting PortAventura, the best thing in terms of accommodation is to stay at one of the six official hotels which are: Hotel Gold River, Hotel Caribe, Hotel El PasoHotel Port Aventura, Hotel Mansion de Lucy and Hotel Colorado Creek. Another option is to stay in the town of Salou, which is the nearest town to the park and happens to be a major tourist destination on the Costa Dorada. There are a good range of tourist attractions in Salou with the beaches being one of the top draws for visitors and this is where you will find a wide range of accommodation.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Jaime I
Logroño, 16-20, 43840 Salou
95€ - 110$
Eurosalou & Spa
Carrer de la Ciutat de Reus, 5
124€ - 144$
Santa Monica Playa
Falset, 3, 43840 Salou
138€ - 160$
Hotel   Avg price
Paseo Jaime I
169€ - 196$
Hotel Gold River
Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas Km.2,
180€ - 209$
Hotel Port Aventura
Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas, Km 2
180€ - 209$
Hotel El Paso
Rambla del Parc, s/n,
181€ - 210$
Hotel Caribe
Rambla del Parc, s/n
199€ - 231$
Hotel Colorado Creek
Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n
298€ - 346$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Mansión de Lucy
Avenida Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n
354€ - 411$


On the map you can see the best hotels to stay near Port Aventura.


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Port Aventura and Salou



PortAventuraPortAventura Park guarantees excellent fun for people who love theme parks, which is in its own resort just outside of Salou and is around an hour away from Barcelona. The park itself is designed for all ages and tastes and is one of the best of its kind in the country, which has a Universal Studio-style about it and was opened back in 1995. As said the park is split into seven areas with the Mediterranean part being home to a charming recreation of a Mediterranean fishing village, which resembles that of the coastal towns that you find along the Costa Dorada and Costa Brava.


The main highlight in this section is the Furious Baco, which is a catapult that flings you into the air at an alarming but amazing speed of up to 135 km from standstill in just three seconds. There is also a breath-taking show that mixes special effects, pyrotechnics, fire, electricity and water, which happens at the lake. In the Polynesia area, you will find a tropical paradise that contains a world that recreates the vegetation and landscape that is found on the islands of Polynesia.


The main highlights here are the Tutuki Splash, which is a dormant volcano or is it? There is also the 4D simulator called the Sea Odyssey and there are authentic musical performances from Polynesian natives. In China, you will see iconic images of the country like the Great Wall, that are intricately detailed to that of the real thing. The main ride here takes you upside down eight times at a pace of 110 km and there is also a fun and brilliant kid’s area, where there are lots of slides and rides that are aimed for them.


The Mexico area includes colonial buildings like a Mayan pyramid, ancient ruins and dense forests and as well as the traditional scary rides there are many Mexican traditions including dance shows and singing too. The Far West section brings you an American adventure with authentic Western towns celebrating Independence Day and there are many fun rides to experience including ones down rapids and waterfalls. The Sesame Street part gives you a chance to meet all your favourite characters from the popular TV show as well as trying to navigate your way around canals and there are various roller coasters.


The Aquatic Park is a great way to cool off and happens to be one of the biggest water parks, which is home to many slides, wave machines, water rafting rides, tropical swimming pools and even tropical plants and trees. All of this mixed with the incredible atmosphere of the reggae music, makes this authentic Caribbean-themed area one not to forget. Each of the areas have their own traditional food too, so if you do end up staying at one of the hotels you can go to your favourite place to eat and drink such as Chinese, American, Mexican, Polynesian, Caribbean and Mediterranean.


The six hotels that are found inside of the park are all magnificent with their own restaurants and bars that offer plenty of international cuisines. The rooms are very spacious, the service is second to none and there are swimming pools and outstanding views.



Hotels in PortAventura





SalouSalou is only a few kms from the theme park and due to the opening of it, the tourist capital of the Costa Dorada benefitted largely from it. However, the city is also home to some excellent attractions including the superb beaches with Llevant Beach being the biggest, but all offer fine golden sand and crystal clear waters with various water sports such as windsurfing being offered.


The promenade that runs along the beaches and rocky coves is beautiful in itself and there is always something going on around the Llevant Beach area, like street performers and various food stalls which attract the crowds. Other things in the area include the fountains that are found at either ends of the main beach and both are very popular with tourists as they offer lighting and music shows at night time.


The local theatre hosts several events and does get its fair share of famous acts and the Torre Vella is home to art exhibitions that display the works of the local talent. There are also activities like golf, Go-karting, zip lines, climbing and paintball with many different travel companies that can be found by the beach area, who will provide these services. Down by the promenade area as well as around the Barcelona Street, these are the best areas for shopping and both also provide a great selection of restaurants, bars and hotels.



Hotels in Salou