Where to stay in Quito

Where is the best place to stay in Quito?


The best area to stay in Quito is La Mariscal as this is the main tourist hub of the city, which runs from Avenida Orellana in the north to the Parque El Ejido in the south with the main focus being around the roads of Juan Leon Mera and Reina Victoria.


This neighbourhood is full of tourist amenities including the best selection of international restaurants, exciting nightlife, bundles of accommodation, great shopping and marvellous attractions as well as being located close to the centre.


Quito is the highest official capital in the world, which stands at just under 3,000 metres high up and is Ecuador’s second most populous city. The city is one of the prettiest on earth, which is surrounded by mountains and is home to many historic attractions and was one of the first cities along with Krakow to be declared a World Heritage Site back in 1978. Due to the elevation and close proximity to the equator, Quito can have all four seasons in one day, which sums up the city as it can offer so much if you look for it.


Hotel   Avg price
Posada Tambuca
Luis Cordero E2-19
23€ - 23$
Hotel   Avg price
Casa Hotel Baquedano
44€ - 43$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Reina Isabel
Av. Amazonas 23
63€ - 62$
Casa Joaquin Boutique Hotel
Joaquin Pinto 376
89€ - 87$
Hotel   Avg price
Swissotel Quito
12 de Octubre 1820 Ave.
139€ - 136$
Hilton Colon Quito
Avenida Amazonas
266€ - 261$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Quito, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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La Mariscal, the best area to stay in Quito

mariscal sucre QuitoThis neighbourhood is one of the most popular places to stay in Quito and there are many reasons why foreigners come here to set up camp. The area is close by to the airport with frequent buses connecting the two places as do taxis and these types of public transportation can take all over the city too. Another major factor about this part of the city being popular is that La Mariscal is the safest district in the whole city and has a regular tourist police unit. The general feeling of the area is a relaxed and tranquil one as it has many narrow roads off bigger ones that offer a more relaxed stroll and the same goes for the parks, which wonderfully break up the noise and crowds.


There are a good amount of attractions to visit in this neighbourhood including one of the most impressive museums being located here, which is the National Museum. It is very easy to get lost in this maze of exhibits, which has 5 major sections and are home to many artefacts about the history of the city and country as a whole with objects and items dating back to pre-Columbian times. There are lots of displays about ancient tribes and how they used to live and there is furniture, tools, utilities and other similar things that help you understand how they lived. Other things to see are the Casa de la Cultura, which showcases Ecuadorian art from local artists to national ones and the building is also used for theatre productions, dance performances, films and even concerts, where international artists and bands have performed live.


Close by to these attractions is the Parque El Ejido, which is a big and grassy area and is used by families and friends throughout the week but during the weekends is when it really comes alive as there are various markets where you can buy art, handicrafts, food and many other products and are generally cheaper than those found in the shops. Another decent market to check out is the Artesanal Market, which is full of artisan crafts and stalls where you can buy hand-knitted wear, musical instruments, jewellery and a whole host of other souvenirs.


However, if you are looking for upscale shops and malls then it is best to head to Reina Victoria as this is where you will find shops like Diesel, Zara and Gucci as well as travel companies, banks, supermarkets and many others. Reina Victoria is also excellent for restaurants and is home to a wide selection of international cuisine and drinking establishments with hotels found everywhere.



Hotels in La Mariscal


Other neighbourhoods to stay in Quito


Historic Centre

historic centre QuitoThis is another very popular area of the city, which is incredibly safe and has excellent connections to other parts of the city as well as to the neighbourhood from the airport, which makes it a brilliant place to stay in.


This is where Quito’s colonial centre is found and is one of the most iconic areas of Quito, which saw many battles throughout its past. Here you will find plenty of traditional churches, cathedrals, palaces, museums, art galleries and monuments to explore as well as theatres, concert halls and cinemas to experience during the night. There are also lots of different restaurants, pubs, clubs, shops and hotels, which line up after the other along the narrow cobblestone streets. International cuisines include traditional Ecuadorian foods, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Argentine, Brazilian, American and many other types of food.



Hotels in Quito Historic Centre




La Carolina

La Carolina quitoLa Carolina is a wonderful place that has a particularly delightful old feel about it with the La Carolina Park right in the middle of the district. The Park is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs and is home to many events through the week and on the weekends, where there are markets, fairs, concerts and various performers.


Try Avenue Amazonas for more choices of hotels, shops and restaurants as there is a great range of places along this street. There are also a few museums like the Interactive Science Museum and there are some beautiful sights at the Botanical Garden, which is a must-see.



Hotels in La Carolina





La Floresta

La Floresta, QuitoLa Floresta is a recently established parish in Quito known for its beautiful wildflowers which make it a great area to stay. Its century old mansionsin tree-lined streets are another feature while the town square and fountain are popular with young and old. Artists have made homes here with galleries and murals painted on the side of buildings adding to its attractiveness.


Cafes and restaurants welcome the visitor who can enjoy the street stalls, clothes shops by day and clubs, bars and theatres by night. The Farmers’ Market opens by day from Friday through to Sunday. Accommodation ranges from hostels to high quality hotels.



Hotels in La Floresta





Bellavista, QuitoBellavista is a nice neighbourhood to stay if you are paying a visit to Ecuador’s capital. There is plenty of choice of accommodation very close to the airport which makes transferring to your hotel of minimal hassle.


Using Bellavista as your base, you can tour the Old Town with its churches and monasteries, piazzas and museums, stand astride the Equator where there is a monument or even head for the tropical forest close by. There is plenty of choice for dining in casual cafes and restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and open air events including concerts on a regular basis.



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