Where to stay in Tunisia

Which is the best resort to stay in Tunisia?

By Carles Barcelo. April 25, 2023

Tunisia is a vibrant and culturally rich North African country that attracts a diverse range of tourists. From stunning Mediterranean beaches to ancient ruins and bustling markets, there's something for everyone in this beautiful country. Tunis, the capital, is a great place to start exploring, with its charming old town, Bardo Museum and stunning mosques. Visitors can also enjoy exploring the historic city of Carthage, relaxing on the pristine beaches of Djerba, and wandering through the souks of Sousse. Tunisia is also known for its delicious cuisine, including traditional dishes like couscous and brik. Overall, Tunisia is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience.


Tunisia boasts a wealth of beautiful resorts, each with its unique charm and attractions. Hammamet is a popular resort, known for its stunning beaches, traditional markets, and ancient medina. Sousse is a historical port city, offering a blend of modern and traditional architecture, excellent seafood, and cultural sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Medina of Sousse. Monastir is a captivating destination, featuring golden beaches, charming marinas, medieval monuments, and a fascinating countryside. Djerba is a unique island with a mix of Mediterranean and Saharan landscapes, offering beautiful beaches, a rich cultural heritage, and holiday clubs. All four destinations provide excellent accommodation options, vibrant nightlife, and a warm Tunisian welcome.

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Best resorts to stay in Tunisia




HammametHammamet is a bustling resort that is famous for its beautiful beaches and lively party scene during the summer months. However, beyond its reputation as a tourist hotspot, the city also boasts an authentic charm that is often overlooked. With turquoise waters, the sweet scent of jasmine, and white houses and stone walls that have been gilded by the centuries, the Medina is particularly enchanting.


As the king of beaches and water sports, Hammamet is the ultimate holiday destination. Dance the night away at the city's famous clubs, try your hand at paintball or ice skating, or catch your favorite stars at the International Festival of Hammamet in the open-air theatre during the summer. Alternatively, take advantage of the casino and dinner-shows in Yasmine Hammamet.


Numerous seaside hotels with typical Tunisian charm can be found around the city, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.


The nearest airport to Hammamet is Enfidha (NBE) Airport which is 39.4 km away.



Hotels in Hammamet






SousseSousse is a city that offers a blend of modern entertainment and exoticism, with long beaches, high palm trees, and ancient stones that provide a ripe atmosphere for seduction. This lively coastal resort is one of Tunisia's most popular destinations, with a rich historical heritage that includes a stunning medina and extraordinary monuments from the Middle Ages.


Sousse boasts an extensive selection of hotels that cater to every holidaymaker's needs, whether they are seeking white sand, swimming pools, water sports, or other activities. In the winter or summer, visitors can enjoy the beautiful spas and thalassotherapy centers that offer wellness services. Additionally, the city has several well-known nightclubs, three casinos, and numerous lounges and restaurants, making it a vibrant place to stay.


The seaside from Sousse to Port El Kantaoui is an excellent place to stay for dream vacations, with plenty of big coastal hotels to choose from, including palaces and clubs that offer a wide range of activities and services.


The nearest airport to Sousse is Monastir (MIR) Airport which is 12.6 km away.



Hotels in Sousse






MonastirMonastir presents a captivating sight with its glistening sandy beaches, azure blue waters, medieval landmarks, and picturesque marina. It is an idyllic location for basking in the sun and exploring the intriguing surrounding regions. From Sousse to Kairouan, El Jem to Mahdia, one can take a journey back in time. Exploring the countryside will provide insights into the Bedouin way of life, while the fishing ports along the coast are a source of enchantment.


Monastir is a favored tourist destination in Tunisia, boasting palm trees, beaches, and a turquoise sea. The options for activities are endless, ranging from tanning, catamaran rides, jet skiing, and spa treatments to karting on a track. It is also a popular golfing destination with courses situated by the sea and on the hillside.


Hotels along the Skanes sandy beaches are plentiful, catering to various preferences, from typical hotel stays to all-inclusive vacations.


The nearest airport to Monastir is Monastir (MIR) Airport which is 8 km away.



Hotels in Monastir






DjerbaThe island of Djerba is a unique blend of the Mediterranean and the Saharan, captivating visitors since the days of Homer. Ulysses tasted the delectable "lotus" fruit there, which quenched his desire to leave, and to this day, every visitor is entranced by its exceptional ambiance - an atmosphere shared with its mainland neighbor, Zarzis. Djerba is a haven for holiday clubs, outdoor activities, and a rich heritage to explore, including exhilarating excursions into the magnificent Sahara.


Djerba is an ideal destination for a beach vacation, boasting beautiful hotel holiday clubs and pristine white sand beaches. The consistent winds and mild climate provide excellent conditions for kite surfing, sailing, and other water sports. The variety of activities is endless, from scuba diving and parasailing to sea cruises, golf courses, casinos, and nightclubs.


Djerba is renowned for its abundance of holiday clubs, making it a preferred destination for club enthusiasts.



The nearest airport to Djerba is Djerba (DJE) Airport which is 14 km away.



Hotels in Djerba

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