Where to stay in Zurich

Where is the best area to stay in Zurich?

Zurich might be the largest city in Switzerland but to most it feels like a cosy and charming town as it is home to just 400,000 people but has all of the importance of any major cosmopolitan hub. It is a magnificent place that is superbly set by a backdrop of mountains that are famous for being known as the “gateway to the Alps”.


The city is full of vibrancy and thrives with a huge amount of tourist attractions like historic buildings, famous museums and art galleries that display some of Europe’s best architecture. The River Limmat, which the city sits beside, is definitely worth a visit too and Zurich is a heaven for shoppers.


The best area to stay in Zurich is the city centre as this is where the most interesting sights in the city are found, including some of the oldest architecture in the city and most stunning walks around the city centre streets. There are also small canals, the riverfront, various museums and art galleries and this area has the highest concentration of bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels.

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City Centre, the best area to stay in Zurich

Zurich City CentreThe city centre is easy to locate and is where you will find yourself if you come by train or bus as well as the majority of public transportation offering trips to the centre of Zurich. Most of it is a pedestrian area and therefore you can really take in the views, atmosphere and smells of the place as well as the breath taking and beautiful architecture that surround you.


There are many spectacular religious sites to see including Grossmunster, an old Romanesque Church and provides excellent views of the city and Fraumunster is one of the finest examples of Gothic structure and is home to many striking window paintings. Some of the biggest and most highly praised museums and art galleries in the country are found in this part of the city with the Swiss National Museum being the biggest history museum in Switzerland and has many artefacts like photos and documents as well as iconic art works that have been produced through the centuries.


Other brilliant and outstanding art galleries include the Kunsthaus, which has Swiss and European art work from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. The Rietberg Museum displays much Asian art in what is said to be one of the best collections of its kind in Europe and therefore is a definite must see.


Zurich is one of the best when it comes to wandering around aimlessly and a popular walk is around the Old Town, which offers tourists lovely strolls through narrow and meandering alleyways and streets as well as a great selection of small shops, restaurants and bars, which can get exceptionally busy.


When visiting the Old Town, head to the hill, which is obvious to spot as it daunts the area and is where you will find mesmerising views of Zurich.  Another scenic walk starts from the small canal called “Schanzengraben” and is located right by the main train station and from here this takes you all the way to the lake. The lake is a very popular place during the summer time, where lots of locals and tourists come to relax, play games and have a picnic.


The riverfront walk is also a must, which gives you the option of looking around the shops, having a bite to eat and obviously taking in the marvellous views. A lot of shoppers get attracted to Zurich and there’s no wonder why as the city is home to one of the world’s most busiest and best known shopping areas and that is Bahnhofstrasse. This shopping area caters for everyone from the obvious stores that contain watches, chocolate, jewellery, clothes and electronics to the more unique and speciality one’s that sell various souvenirs.


There are many theatres that showcase local and national productions, which often happen at night and there are many restaurants to choose from. However, it might be best to head to either the Old Town or the riverfront to enjoy traditional Swiss food like a fondue or Zurigeschnatzlets, which is veal cooked in a creamy wine sauce. You are never too far away from a bar or club with the city centre littered with them as is the same with the amount of five star hotels.



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Other areas to stay in Zurich


Aussersihl ZurichThis area is just to the north west of the city centre and offers tourists gorgeous architecture that is both modern and old including Le Corbusier House, which was planned by the famous Swiss architect himself. There are also numerous privately owned art galleries, little shops and markets on the weekend. The area is also a good place for different cuisines and there are many local and touristy bars, which serve the locally brewed beers and wines. Another decent factor is the amount of hotels and there are more budget places to pick from compared to the city centre but there are luxurious places too.



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Zurich Nord

Zurich NordFor one thing, this part of the city is ten minutes from the airport and can be an attractable choice to stay for that matter alone. However, there is excellent shopping in the area, especially around the Newmarkt street and there is wonderful urban architecture that overlooks much of the area. There are also a good amount of parks here to relax in and there is a decent selection of pubs, restaurants and hotels to check out.



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