Where to stay in Cologne

What is the best place to stay in Cologne?

Cologne is a vibrant and diverse city located on the river Rhine in the state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and is the fourth-largest city in Germany in terms of inhabitants. Cologne is also one of Germany’s oldest cities and impresses international visitors based on its rich history and culture. Besides that, the city is the home of the famous Cologne Cathedral, a Gothic cathedral that is more than 157 meters high, represents the cities landmark and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Cologne offers you the flair of a big city, combined with the charm of being a cultural hub in Germany. Whether you are visiting as a tourist or for business reasons, Cologne has you covered with its large offering of various cultural activities as well as plenty of restaurants, shopping and nightlife options. Special seasons to look out for when visiting Cologne are the Carnival season with its unique, exuberant celebrations across the city as well as the Christmas season where you can enjoy Cologne’s beautiful and picturesque Christmas markets.


Below you can find our top places where to stay in Cologne, with our first choice being the area of Altstadt - Nord, the heart of Cologne’s historical neighbourhood with its famous landmark. From here you can easily reach various tourist attractions, the Rhine riverside as well as many dining, shopping and other leisure options.

Hotel   Avg price
Motel One Köln-Neumarkt
Cäcilienstraße 32
107€ - 121$
Stern am Rathaus
Bürgerstraße 6
118€ - 133$
Hotel Casa Colonia
Machabäerstraße 63
122€ - 138$
Hotel   Avg price
Urban Loft Cologne
Eigelstein 41
126€ - 142$
Savoy Hotel
Turiner Str. 9
192€ - 217$
Hotel   Avg price
Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom
Trankgasse 1-5
256€ - 289$


On the map, which shows the best area to stay in Cologne, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Altstadt Nord, the best area to stay in Cologne


Altstadt NordThis area represents the northern part of Cologne’s historic city centre. Staying here gives you easy access to the cities’ sightseeing highlights you shouldn’t miss (Cologne Cathedral, Museum Ludwig, Cologne Opera, Hohenzollern Bridge, Alter Markt, Heumarkt and many more). And in case you are looking for a fresh breeze, you can enjoy a walk at the beautiful Rhine river promenade with its historic buildings and a large choice of traditional pubs and restaurants. If you stop by for a drink, try the city’s famous signature beer called “Koelsch”.


Being located in the Altstadt - Nord also gives you direct access to Cologne’s main shopping mile (Hohe Strasse, Schildergasse) as well as to the city’s main station, from where you can easily travel within the city and region based on a great public transportation network. You can also find convenient train connections to Belgium, the Netherlands and France, given Cologne’s advantageous location in the west of Germany. And in case you prefer to fly to another city or country, Cologne also has its own airport that is well-connected to the centre via a train connection.



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Other areas to stay in Cologne


Altstadt Süd


Altstadt SuedContinuing to the south of the historic city centre, you reach the Altstadt Süd, an area that combines the historic flair of the city with modern elements. The most prominent spot in this context is the so-called Rheinauhafen, a small harbour where you find an interesting fusion of modern and historical buildings along the riverside, besides various options to enjoy a walk or drink overlooking the Rhine.


Walking through the streets of the Altstadt Süd, you will discover numerous remains of ancient Roman buildings, such us Severinstorburg. In case you prefer to be in the middle of a bustling city, choose a hotel close to the Neumarkt or Rudolfplatz. From here, you have plenty of shopping and dining options in walking distance. Staying in the Altstadt Süd allows for a very good connection to cities south of Cologne, like e.g. Bonn.



Hotels in Altstadt Süd






DeutzLooking for an amazing, panoramic view of Cologne and the Cologne Cathedral? Then you just need to cross the river Rhine, coming from the city centre, and you arrive in Deutz. A neighbourhood with a great variety of hotels in a bit quieter environment, while still not being far away from the city centre.


Deutz is also home to Cologne’s Trade Fair that every year attracts millions of international visitors and business people alike. When it comes to leisure activities, you can just enjoy a walk in one of the beautiful parks, like Rheinpark. Or in case you prefer to see the city from above, just hop into Cologne’s cable car (Cologne Seilbahn) and enjoy the stunning view of the city.



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Neustadt Nord


Neustadt NordThis area of the city was build as a natural extension of the northern part of the historical city centre (Altstadt). It hosts the trendy and creative neighbourhood called Belgisches Viertel, the hotspot of Cologne’s nightlife scene, offering a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. It is also the heart of the trendy and more alternative shopping scene, where you can enjoy a unique non-mainstream shopping experience. Or just relax and grab a drink in Stadtgarten, a nearby park in the middle of the city.


By the way, in Neustadt - Nord you can also find the city’s highest building (the Colonius - 266 meter high). And in case you are looking for a quiet spot for a business meeting, check out the Mediapark, a modern business area complex that also houses various nice restaurants and cafes. Finally, this area is ideal for business people and tourists who prefer a good connection to areas and cities further north, like Duesseldorf.



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