Best area to stay in Berlin

What is the best location to stay in Berlin?

Germany is a place of incredible history, resounding culture and amazing experiences around every corner. The heart of Germany is in the capital, Berlin, a city which is bound to impress for a range of reasons. The centre of Berlin is the Mitte district (Mitte means centre in German) and it is the best area to stay in Berlin. Mitte is divided into 10 neighbourhoods which each have a distinct style. The historic city centre and some of the main attractions of the city can be found in Mitte. Staying here will provide easy, walkable access to iconic sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Island Museum, the Reichstag and the Gendarmenmarkt Square.


Unter den Linden Avenue is the main tourist street in Berlin. The Avenue that goes from the Island Museum to the Brandenburg Gate is always full of life. Here you can watch or join in the fun of a street full of Berliners drinking beer or riding a bike. The city centre is quite a large and vast area and it is very spread out. Walking to some points is achievable but can be exhausting. It is convenient and recommended to stay near a subway station when staying in Mitte, Berlin. The subway is the U-Bahn and is very efficient and effective.

Hotel   Price per night
Best Western Hotel
Neue Grunstrasse 28
75€ - 84$
Hotel Gat Point Charlie
Mauerstrasse 81-82
106€ - 119$
Hotel   Price per night
Arcotel Jhon F
Werderscher Markt 11
199€ - 223$
Hotel   Price per night
Radisson Blue Hotel
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 3
250€ - 280$
The Regent Berlin
Charlottenstrasse 49
298€ - 334$
The Ritz-Carlton
Potsdamer Platz 3
300€ - 336$
Hotel Adlon Kempinski
Unter den Linden 77
306€ - 343$


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Other areas to stay in Berlin

Whichever area you decide to stay in Berlin, it is essential to visit all parts of the city and absorb the history and culture. Germany has an excellent reputation for comfort and affordability and the hotels in Berlin are wonderfully clean and excellent value for money. Any area of Berlin will have something to suit your budget and circumstances and you will always feel well connected around the city with the efficient and affordable public transport.


Tiergarten and Potsdamer Platz

The western flank of Mitte is laced with canals and bordered by the River Spree. Beer gardens and flea markets are in abundance here and there are plenty of beautiful open green parkland. This is also the place to go to the Berlin Zoo. The Government quarter can be found here and it is worth a visit to admire the German parliament. Many hotels are in Potsdamer Platz square which are centralised and close to public transport.


Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf

These areas have a genteel atmosphere thanks to the Art Nouveau townhouses and boutique hotels on offer. There are many high end shopping options and a delightful café culture as well as bistro dining. The U-Bahn has speedy connections to Berlin city which run quick and regularly so you won’t miss anything.



Close to Charlottenburg in the west, this is a perfect place to stay to enjoy the bar and restaurant scene. A vibrant night scene comes alive in the bars and clubs here each night. There is some amazing architecture here that can be admired from any hotel window. This is also an upscale shopping district featuring some top designer brands for shopaholics.


Prenzlauer Berg

To the north of the city centre, this is a rather mixed area featuring eccentric boutique stores, bohemian bars and brunch cafes. Hotels are very good value here and affordable for all budgets. It is within walking distance to Alexanderplatz square and the u-Bahn offers efficient connections.


Friedrichschain and Kreuzberg

East of Mitte, this is the place to find budget style hotels and save some money. There are plenty of bars and clubs and a fun nightlife scene here. The East Side Art Gallery, a wall featuring significant art murals, is the best thing to see in this area. Everything is in walking distance from this area, but the U-Bahn also offers rapid connections to the city centre.  This is very convenient area to get to sites such as Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, Topography of Terror and the Berlin Wall Museum.


Boxhagener Platz

This famous neighbourhood features a lot of bars and restaurants. There are also a number of boutique stores and vibrant food markets each Saturday and flea markets on Sundays. This is a good budget area to stay with cheaper hotels available and hostels for backpackers. It is easily accessible by the U-Bahn and S-Bahn.


Berlin Old Town

This is the fusion of the two townships of Coelln and Berlin. The standout feature here is the Television Tower which indicates where the heart of Berlin City was before World War II. Staying here will expose you to many important historic sights which are all in walking distance.


Museum Island

This is another historic centre and is the northern part of the former township of Coelln. There are a range of museums here including the Old Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery, Bode Museum and Pergamon Museum. The Berlin Cathedral and German Historical Museum are also standout features. Hotels are located very close to the cultural museum quarter which makes it a fascinating and insightful place to stay.



This picturesque town features French and German cathedrals and the site of the Konzerthaus. There are many large and upscale hotels in this area. It can be expensive to stay here but it is also a very beautiful and scenic part of Berlin. The U-Bahn and S-Bahn make it very easy to get into Mitte and explore Berlin.