Where to stay in Hurghada

What are the best areas to stay in Hurghada?

Hurghada is a city in Egypt, with many happening areas full of pristine golden beaches covering long stretches of the Red Sea coastline. Every year families flock to El Gouna and Makadi Bay to make lifelong memories on private beaches, participating in water sports, desert and quad bike safaris, dolphin swimming, aqua parks, and more. If you just want to spend family time and not leave your accommodation, then Al Ahyaa is an emerging area, full of resorts and little attractions.


To the South of Hurghada is Sahl Hasheesh, where couples can bask in child-free hotels and resorts and spend their day snorkeling together in an artificial coral reef or playing on gold on a championship course.


Al Mamsha and Village Road are the perfect areas where tourists and locals intermingle only 5 km from the airport. Here you can choose to dine and shop like a local in Aldau Heights Mall. Finally, Soma Bay is a fantastic place for couple therapies as it’s full of spas and thalassotherapy centers.


Hotel   Avg price
The Three Corners Ocean View
El Gouna
89€ - 108$
The Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge
Soma Bay
109€ - 132$
Meraki Resort
Downtown Hurghada
146€ - 177$
Hotel   Avg price
Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort
Village Road
110€ - 133$
Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle
Al Mamsha El Seyahi
178€ - 215$
The Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh
Sahl Hasheesh
237€ - 287$


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Best areas to stay in Hurghada


Al Mamsha El Seyahi


Al Mamsha El SeyahiUpon arriving at Hurghada, Al Mamsha El Seyahi is the closest area to stay in. It's so close, it's only 5.5 km away from the airport, about 11 minutes in the car!


If you want to be in a central location, this area is full of locals and tourists. Wherever you choose to stay in Al Mamsha El Seyahi, you can easily walk outside and explore the surrounding area.


You can visit local markets, go shopping at the Aldau Heights Mall, dine at tasty restaurants, and interact with the locals at many bars. Once you're done, you can walk back to your accommodation on the beachfront. Speaking of which, in Al Mamsha El Seyahi, you have the option to stay in over 69 properties.


This area has hotels, resorts, villas, apartments, and holiday homes. The area is suitable for families, with many hotels like Sunrise Aqua Joy and Albatros White Beach having their own aqua parks, many outdoor pools, kids clubs, and more. There are also quieter hotels like the Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle, which have private beaches just for adults.



Hotels in Al Mamsha El Seyah





Village Road

Village Road, HurghadaJust 0.9 km to the South of Al Mamsha El Seyahi is Village Road. This area is also very close to Hurghada international airport. Just like its neighboring area Al Mamsha, Village Road is an area where you can leave your accommodation and easily walkabout.


Here you can choose to dine at local restaurants nearby and visit famous attractions like the Hurghada Grand Aquarium.


Most of the accommodations on Village Road consist of beachfront resorts and hotels. Many of its resorts span out across large stretches of land, which have giant outdoor pools, aqua parks, private beaches, and diving clubs.


Suppose you plan to visit Village Road with your family. In that case, you may wish to stay in family friendly resorts like Jaz Aquamarine, Dana Beach resort, Sentido Mamlouk Resort, and other destinations. Similarly, if you wish to travel, you can also visit Mamsha El Seyahi, which is within walking distance of Village Road.



Hotels in Village Road





El Gouna

El GounaIf you choose to travel 25 km North of Hurghada, you'll reach El Gouna around a 35-minute drive from Hurghada airport. This serene beach destination has 10 kilometers of coastline stretching across the Red Sea and 20 islands surrounded by breathtaking coral reefs.


Staying in El Gouna, you have the choice to stay in a range of hotels ranging from 3-5* and even have access to your own private strip of beach.


When not relaxing on the beach, tourists love to participate in watersports in El Gouna. Many hotels offer activities such as scuba diving, kite surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and yachting.


If you wish to eat outside your hotel, then you must visit the vibrant Abu Tig Marina, where it's filled with buzzing bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. You can also choose to take a gentle stroll down its palm tree-filled downtown area, Tamr Henna Square, and browse the local's shops and try out the local cuisine.



Hotels in El Gouna





Makadi Bay


Makadi BayIf you're a fan of mountains, beaches, or both, then you will certainly get your fix if you visit Makadi Bay. Makadi Bay is 30 km from the south of Hurghada Airport. It has the Red Sea on one side, and the other has desert sand dunes and the Red Sea mountains.


You can choose to simply explore the desert on a local camel or quad bike safari or engage in water sports. Whether you're traveling solo, a couple, or as a family, Makadi Bay has many hotels and resorts catering to all traveler types.


Perhaps engage in some international cuisine and visit the modern Makadi Mall, which boasts A la carte Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and French cuisine. Makadi Bay is perfect for people with kids, too, as they can take them to attractions like Makadi Bay Aquapark or Dolphin World, where they can swim with dolphins and watch dolphin shows.


There are even a grand aquarium and an open-air museum that houses impressive Egyptian sand sculptures.



Hotels in Makadi Bay





Soma Bay

Soma BaySoma Bay is surrounded by the sea, 5 km in length and 2 km wide. To access this exclusive coastal town, you have to travel 45 km from the south of Hurghada and drive through a private road.


Soma Bay is home to picturesque white sandy beaches and epic panoramic views of the desert mountains. In comparison to other areas of Hurghada, Soma Bay is slightly more luxurious and upmarket. The hotels are high end, boasting international names such as the Sheraton, Marriott, Sentido Palm Royale, and many more.


Many people visit Soma Bay to have lavish beach weddings or sophisticated business trips. Choose to spend your downtime perfecting your swing on its par 72 championship golf course or practice at Gary Player's Golf academy.


There are also water sports activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving; you can become involved in. If you're looking for a more relaxing type of vacation, then Soma Bay is home to many spas and thalassotherapy centers.



Hotels in Soma Bay





Al Ahyaa


Al AhyaaOnly a short 25 km drive to the north of Hurghada is Al Ahyaa. This is an emerging area full of peaceful white beaches, different forms of accommodation but does not boast well-known attractions, like other Hurghada areas.


Whatever your budget is, we are sure you'll find something Al Ahyaa. Here you can choose to stay in one of its many hotels, or you can even choose to embrace the local culture of Al Ahyaa by getting a rental there.


There are family-friendly hotels with amenities for the kids, such as in house aqua parks and kids clubs. Such places that are child-friendly are Hawaii Caesar Dreams Resort, Hawaii Caesar Aqua Park, and Hawaii Le Jardin Aqua Resort.


If you're looking for a peaceful vacation and one that's child-free, Al Ahyaa has many couples only resorts like the Palm Beach Resort. Al Ahyaa is not far from other areas of Hurghada, too; if you wish, you can travel to El Gouna and spend the day there.



Hotels in Al Ahyaa





Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl HasheeshSahl Hasheesh is a stunning area only 18 km to the south of Hurghada international airport and a bay across the popular Egyptian destination of Sharm El Sheikh.


This upscale resort town is full of all-inclusive resorts that stretch across 12 km of coastline. Here vacationers spend their time kicking it back on the Red Sea coast or diving, snorkeling into a partially submerged artificial reef.


If you're looking for some private time with your partner, you can choose to stay in couples only hotels such as the Sunrise Romance Resort and Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa.


On the contrary, if you're looking for a luxury getaway, Sahl Hasheesh also has a world-renowned 5-star hotel, The Oberoi. This hotel has also won awards in one of Egypt's top 25 luxury hotels and first place in Tripadvisor's Travellers choice awards in 2016.



Hotels in Sahl Hasheesh