Where to stay in Chiang Mai

Where is the best area to stay in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is the capital of Northern Thailand and the central tourist hub of the region. In fact, it is certainly one of the best places to visit in the whole of Thailand! With a rich history, excellent cuisine and nightlife, and some authentic local markets and shopping, there is something for everybody in Chiang Mai. Both budget travellers and luxury holidaymakers can find plenty of suitable hotels all over the city.


Within Chiang Mai, there are a range of awesome areas and districts to stay in. Those who love vibrant, exciting nightlife areas are drawn to the beautiful, historical Old City, as well as the student-orientated Nimmanhaemin. Tourists who love a mix of this lively social scene combined with excellent shopping should definitely stay in Chang Khlan- with its world famous Night Bazaar and Loi Kroh Road.


For history and cultural enthusiasts, Chang Moi would be a very convenient place to stay, with its range of monuments and Buddhist Temples. Or you may want to opt for Chang Phueak, with its world-class museums and gift stores. Alternatively, if you love to escape the frenetic crowds and prefer peaceful, green spaces, then staying in the Wat Ket neighbourhood is undoubtedly for you.

Hotel   Avg price
BED Phrasingh-Adults Only
1, 1 ถนน สามล้าน ซอย 1 Tambon Si Phum
31€ - 33$
POR Thapae Gate
9 Rachadamnoen 3 Alley, Tambon Si Phum
32€ - 34$
The Eight Ratvithi House
8 Ratvithi Rd Lane 1
36€ - 39$
Hotel   Avg price
Aksara Heritage
73/1 Rachadamnoen Rd
58€ - 62$
Hotel   Avg price
Phra Singh Village
5 ถนน ราชมรรคา Soi 8
40€ - 43$
Phor Liang Meun Terracotta Arts
36 Prasing
62€ - 66$
The Inside House
56 Samlarn Rd, Tambon Phra Sing
109€ - 117$


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Old City, the best area to stay in Chiang Mai


Old CityThe Old City definitely stands out as Chiang Mai’s best place to stay during your trip. It simply has everything you could ask for!


The Old City is a very vibrant, historical part of Chiang Mai that used to actually be the whole city before it expanded. These days, it is a touristy hub, with excellent restaurants, a buzzing nightlife and an ideal location close to the buzzing Night Bazaar evening market. The Old City is the center of Chiang Mai’s finest museums and tourist attractions, such as the excellent Chiang Mai National Museum and the impressive Wat Bupparam Temple.


As well as the history, the Old City is home to some of the best nightlife options in Chiang Mai- including the areas of Thanon Moon Muang and Thanon Ratvith. In terms of accommodation, the Old City appeals to all travellers; whether you are a budget backpacker or a luxury holidaymaker.



Hotels in Chiang Mai Old City





Other areas to stay in Chiang Mai




NimmanhaeminLocated on the west side of Chiang Mai, Nimmanhaemin (which is also referred to as Nimman Road) is another excellent area to stay while in Chiang Mai. Its youthful, trendy and slightly hipster vibe combined with its large university population makes it naturally appealing to younger travellers and backpackers.


There are many excellent cafes, restaurants and nightlife venues along this road, making Nimmanhaemin a buzzing and social hub. It is also very well-connected to public transport for tourists wanting to travel further around the city. Shoppers will also be in their element here, as Nimmanhaemin is within walking distance of the large, luxury Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center.


In Nimmanhaemin, you can find an excellent range of accommodation options. Naturally, it is particularly well-suited to younger, budget travellers, and so the hostel options are brilliant here. However, there are also a number of upmarket hotels and suites to choose from.



Hotels in Nimmanhaemin




Chang Phueak


Chang PhueakChang Phueak is a very large area of Chiang Mai that encompasses all of its northern districts and even stretches into the west of the city. Therefore, there are numerous accommodation options available throughout Chang Phueak, ranging from budget hostels to luxury hotels.


This district is ideal for history enthusiasts, as you can visit numerous museums and monuments. You are also close to the brilliant Chiang Mai National Museum- all you need to know about the city’s history. There are also many authentic gift stores, as well as Thai restaurants and cafés.


For tourists staying closer to the Old City, the public transport options are very convenient here too. For tourists who want to stay a bit further out of the centre and closer to nature, there is easy access to lovely green spaces. For example, Rama IX Lanna Park is a great place to relax and walk by the lake.



Hotels in Chang Phueak




Chang Khlan


Chang KhlanLocated just south east of the Old City, Chang Khlan is one of the most bustling and vibrant neighbourhoods in Chiang Mai and is perfect for tourists who love to be in the heart of the action.


The standout attraction here has to be Chiang Mai’s world-famous Night Bazaar. This evening market is always filled with tourists and locals and is undoubtedly the city’s shopping hub. You can honestly find just about everything here, and there are also many entertainment venues and shows on display.


Aside from the Night Bazaar, Chang Khlan is also home to Loi Kroh Road- a very lively and touristy street with great nightlife and entertainment venues. Chang Khlan is very well-connected to public transport should you want to do some sightseeing in other areas of the city. Again, there is an excellent range of hotel options, whether you are on a budget or not.



Hotels in Chang Khlan




Chang Moi


Chang MoiTowards the eastern side of the Old City lies the Chang Moi area. It is a fantastic, pedestrianised area where you can find a large number of shops, cafés and authentic, local restaurants. Chang Moi has excellent public transportation links for travelling all around the city and enjoys an ideal central location close to the Old City.


Chang Moi is another ideal location for history buffs and cultural tourists. You can visit the immaculate 15th Century Buddhist temple of Wat Ket Karam, gawp at the Pung Thao Kong Shrine and sample delicious street food at the authentic Warorot Thai Market. Whilst the nightlife is not quite the same as the Old City, the area is certainly lively enough!


Luxury travellers will feel at home here, as there is a wide range of upmarket hotels around Chang Moi. That being said, budget travellers are not short of options too.



Hotels in Chang Moi




Wat Ket


Wat KetUnexplored by many, the Wat Ket neighbourhood is an excellent, alternative place to stay when in Chiang Mai. Located on the banks of the Ping River in the eastern part of Chiang Mai, there is plenty to see and do in Wat Ket. It is perfect for travellers wanting to escape the frenetic crowds of the main city centre.


Walking around this peaceful, riverside neighbourhood is very pleasant, whilst admiring the traditional old buildings and houses. Despite being quieter than the more central areas, Wat Ket is still exciting enough- with numerous riverside restaurants, cafés and authentic souvenir shops. Although a little further from the centre of Chiang Mai, Wat Ket has a train station and so getting around the city is convenient.


Wat Ket does have some luxury, boutique hotels, but it is more suitable for the budget traveller, given its lower prices than the other main tourist hotspots.



Hotels in Wat Ket