Where to stay in Coron

Where is the best place to stay in Coron?

Coron is found on Busuanga Island in the Philippines and is the largest town on the mainland, which has been made famous by the amount of World War II wreck dive sites that surround it. Around 10 Japanese ships were sunk by the US navy in 1944, which can be explored as well as the coral reef that sits beside it. There are also many beautiful and secluded beaches, various sea and land based adventure tours, island hopping and lots more to do in this little slice of heaven.


Busuanga Island has the most amount to see and do in terms of tourism and there are a fair few towns with the biggest being Coron, which has the most tourist amenities. There are some excellent islands to visit and stay in too like Popototan Island, which is home to Coral Bay, where there are some world class wreck diving sites, gorgeous beaches and some truly astonishing views of Coron.


Bulalacao Island is one of the bigger islands but is still largely untouched and has lots of marine life to check out as well as shipwrecks and coral reef to dive at and there are some interesting man-made structures to see. Dimakya Island is a beautiful little island that also teems with marine and wildlife including the Dugong, pristine beaches and dive spots.

Hotel   Avg price
The Riverhouse
81€ - 98$
Acacia Garden Inn
Coron Town
102€ - 123$
Iris Island Eco Resort
Darab island
167€ - 202$
Hotel   Avg price
Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel
Coron Town
92€ - 111$
Club Paradise Palawan
Dimakya Island
276€ - 334$
Hotel   Avg price
Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa
Malaroyroy, Bulalacao Island
479€ - 580$


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Best places to stay in Coron



MainlandCoron in the south east of the island has by far the largest range of hotels to stay in out of all the islands and is the gateway in and out from the area. The town is easily reachable from other places in the Philippines by ferry or plane with the town itself having mountains of tricycles, buses, Jeepneys and motorbikes for rent that can help you get around the island.


Coron proper is a small and laid back charming fishing town that has quite a busy port area as it is used by fishermen, cruise and fishing tours and ferries that serve the nearby islands as well as ones further away. From the port area, you can arrange some island hopping excursions to a variety of islands as well as diving, fishing and cruise tours around Coron. Just off Coron there are some excellent dive sites and this has to be one of the things that top the list.


Other things to do and see in Coron include the mountain that sits just behind it called Mount Tapyas, which has outstanding panoramic views of the mainland and the surrounding islands. If you want to shop in Coron, the best area is the Market Pier as it contains many stalls and shops that sell a whole host of products as well as karaoke and diners. The best restaurants are found down by the waterfront and have magnificent views looking out to the bay with most offering local Filipino food though there is some European places too. There are also bars here but the main concentration is found along the main strip with some excellent hotels also located here.


Other places to see around the mainland include the mangrove forest, where you can kayak your way through it, Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon and the best beaches are Banol and Beach 69, which have lovely soft sand and clean waters to swim and snorkel in. In the north of the mainland there is a tourist attraction called Calauit Safari Park with the entire area declared as a wildlife sanctuary and game preserve back in 1977, which is where you can see a great range of animals and birds including giraffes. There are also various hot springs, jungle treks, horseback riding, hiking trails and mountain bike tours to check out too.


Popototan Island

Popototan IslandPopototan Island is an incredible island to stay in, which offers fantastic diving and snorkelling with the World War II Japanese ship that was sunk here being the major highlight. There are also many other water sports like sea kayaking that you can do, which is a great way to see the island, as is hiking the numerous trails and then rewarding yourself some relaxation on one of the pristine beaches that can be found along the shores and are superbly accompanied by picture-perfect palm trees. The Coral Bay Beach and Dive Resort has around 19 rooms to pick from, which are all found by the sandy shoreline on the doorstep of the mind-blowing waters.


The restaurant has delicious Filipino and Western food and the bar has a great range of alcoholic drinks and there is a store that sells all essentials. The resort offers island hopping, scuba diving, jungle treks and a variety of dive courses too.




Bulalacao Island

Bulalacao IslandBulalacao Island is another stunning location that is excellent to stay in and is home to heavenly waters, which teems with marine life. There are also shipwrecks that you can dive and snorkel at and there are mesmerizing walks along the limestone cliff formations.


The Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa offer lots of different activities like fishing, windsurfing, diving, snorkelling, fitness centre and spa as well as arranging other tours. This beachfront property boasts some of the most luxurious bungalows that have excellent views with the restaurant and bar serving all sorts of food and beverages.






Dimakya Island

Dimakya IslandThe exceptionally remote and tiny island of Dimakya represents true paradise with Club Paradise Resort conserving the island’s natural look and resources, which makes it an excellent place to stay in. The beaches are top quality and there are a variety of animals and birds to observe with tour guides being available from the resort to take you to the best spots.


The resort also offers dives and snorkelling at World War II wrecks and opportunities to see the Dugong with Dugong Dive Centre, which is a close relative of the Manatee and is the only strictly vegetarian marine mammal in the world. They grow up to 3 metres but are unfortunately endangered with only a few left in the area. The resort has many brilliant types of cottages, from beachfront to hillside views with all of them having outstanding vista.


The restaurant offers al fresco dining, which offer different Filipino and international foods and the bar stays open all day. The resort also has an entertainment room, swimming pool and glow spa as well as kayaking, hiking tours and island hopping.