Where to stay in Gold Cost

Which is the best area to stay in Gold Coast?

Straddling Australia’s northeastern coastline, the Gold Coast is packed to the brim with a panoply of things to see. Internationally renowned as a surfers’ haven, the region is ingrained with pristine beaches, lush rainforests, heaving hinterland, and a diverse culinary scene. With over 70 kilometres of captivating coastline, there’s an abundance of alluring accommodation options.


Sitting in the heart of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise embraces an extensive ensemble of accommodation options. With all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly hotels, boutique stays, and backpacker’s hostels, this spot makes for a stellar sojourn. Centrally located and well connected, Surfers Paradise is easily one of the best places to stay in.


Those who want to escape the crowds can set south towards Burleigh Heads, where foodies and beach goers bask in all the glory. Currumbin is home to the Gold Coast’s most marvelling natural landscape, with verdant splendour and hidden gems scattered throughout. The surfing capital of Coolangatta poses perfect opportunities for avid surfers and beach-lovers, whereas Mermaid Beach is steeped in family-friendly attractions and activities. If you’re on the hunt for something that’s centrally located, but less frequented by the bigger crowds, then Broadbeach is the best option for you. Heading further up north towards the more opulent end, Main Beach is teeming with top-quality accommodation and lavish resorts, flaunting a facet for those in favour of luxury.

Hotel   Avg price
St Tropez Resort
27/35 Orchid Ave
78€ - 83$
Hotel   Avg price
Rhapsody Resort
3440 Surfers Paradise Blvd
156€ - 165$
The Island Gold Coast
3128 Surfers Paradise Blvd
184€ - 195$
Q1 Resort & Spa
9 Hamilton Ave
196€ - 208$
Hotel   Avg price
Deluxe Ocean Views
2807 Gold Coast Hwy
201€ - 213$
JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa
158 Ferny Ave
422€ - 447$



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Surfers Paradise, the best area to stay in Gold Coast


Surfers' ParadiseHyped as the Gold Coast’s most hip and happening hot spot, Surfers Paradise truly lives up to all the ante. Arrayed with ample attractions and activities, this destination appeases all types of travellers. The city’s most notorious neighbourhood is pinned for its roaring nightlife scene, with an inundating inventory of clubs, bars, and pubs. If you’re a wild party goer, this is undoubtedly the spot for you.


Tucked away in the midst of the glitz and glamour you’ll find a vast variation of gourmet restaurants, trendy cafes, and specialty coffee shops, making it a food-lovers oasis. The lengthy, sandy stretch of golden sand and turquoise blue waters provide a point of contrast against the iconic, Manhattan-like city skyline, thus making this spot all the more unique. With veritable views all-round, Surfers Paradise hones in on all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly hotels, and backpacker-based hostels. There’s a place to stay for every type of traveller.



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Other areas to stay in Gold Coast




BroadbeachSitting in the south of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach boasts a range of pleasurable pursuits, but, with a more easy-going ambience. Teeming with activities, shopping, and dining opportunities aplenty, this neighbourhood includes a bit of everything, making it the best spot for first-time visitors. Beach-lovers can bask in the beauty of the less-crowded beach fronts, whilst still indulging in the Gold Coast’s seaside scenery. While it’s still a buzzing destination, Broadbeach is less tourist-targeted than the rival neighbourhood of Surfers Paradise.


Fused with a fruitful abundance of locals and international travellers, this suburb is a great spot to mix and meet new people. With a wealth of verdant parks, alfresco eateries, and sprawling open-air markets, Broadbeach is the ultimate location for those seeking to be heavily based in the outdoors. Housing a selection of hotels, Airbnb’s, boutique homestays, and hostels, this is a spot for both budget-friendly vacationers and luxe tourists alike.



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Burleigh Heads


Burleigh HeadsIlluminated with a crashing coastline, killer waves, and idyllic beaches, Burleigh Heads is the ultimate surfers utopia. Sandwiched between bustling Surfers Paradise and tranquil Coolangatta, this destination essentially serves as a halfway point. Home to some of the country’s biggest surfing events, the break here offers pristine conditions to satiate even the most experienced of surfers. In addition to the predominating surf culture, there’s a colourful collection of lush parks, hip stores, gastronomy-focused eateries, and a thriving coffee culture.


Tailored to families, couples, and those looking for a more laid-back option, this neighbourhood offers the ultimate snapshot of local life on the Gold Coast. With a variety of accommodation options available, you’ll find trendy apartments, unique homestays, budget-conscious hostels, and cosy chalets dotted throughout this destination. Burleigh Heads is situated within close proximity to all of the city’s highlights, additionally making it a stellar choice for those who will be getting around on public transport.



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CoolangattaSituated on the cusp of the Gold Coast’s southernmost point, this neighbourhood is coined as a local’s favourite. Coolangatta is entrenched with an enthralling cultural scene that differs from the bigger suburbs. Considered the surfing capital of Australia, this is indisputably the best spot to stay for surf-fiends. Alongside the well-known waterfront, this suburb fosters a vivacious vegan and vegetarian scene, low-key vibes, and a sublime marine life. Pinned as a hipsters haven, this destination provides a distinct perspective on the Goldie, through a different lens.


With fewer hoards of tourists and green-graced scenery all ‘round, this is the best spot to chill out away from the hustle and bustle. Strategically positioned close to the airport, this location offers easy access to public transport, as well as dirt-cheap accommodation. Expect to find affordable apartments, mid-range hotels, and frugal, backpacker-friendly hostels. If you’re planning to cross the border and venture into New South Wales, Coolangatta is a stellar spot to stay in.



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Main Beach


Main BeachProffering possibilities aplenty for those travellers with a propensity towards luxury, this destination is the ultimate hub of all things opulent and grandeur. Nestled in the northern end of the Gold Coast, Main Beach magnifies high-end resorts and an eclectic expanse of extravagant things to do. As the former central business district, this part of town has transitioned into a premium place to stay.


With extensive shopping opportunities and gourmet restaurants, this is an ideal option for those who love to spend big bucks. Offering hassle-free access to the city’s biggest attractions, there’s also a wide range of accommodation to choose from. With sophisticated hotels, boutique stays, and eccentric bed and breakfasts, there’s even a small handful of more affordable options spread around. Main Beach hones in on the best of both worlds, offering luxury and convenience, all in one.



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Mermaid Beach


Mermaid BeachBalancing pristine beaches, culinary hot spots, and a high degree of shopping options, Mermaid Beach blends the best of the best. Away from the animated atmosphere of the more popular hubs, this suburb casts light on all the Gold Coast’s holiday highlights, whilst offering something a little more low-key. It showcases a stellar surf scene, peaceful beach fronts, local shopping centres, and myriad restaurants. With an array of attractions, lush rainforests, and adrenaline-fueled theme parks located nearby, this neighbourhood is a great choice for families with young children.


Easy access to public transport and other forms of travel, this location makes for a fuss-free vacation for parents. Harbouring hotel options to appease every end of the budget scale, there truly is something for everybody. Luxury-focused visitors can find fancy options on the blissful beach front, and nature-inclined travellers can camp out at the caravan parks. There’s also an expanse of rental apartments, family-friendly resorts, and mid-range homestays available.



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CurrumbinSpanning the southern stretch of the Gold Coast, Currumbin is a tranquil town tailored to nature enthusiasts, avid explorers, and devout sun-seekers. Encapsulating sheltered swimming spots and surf-friendly beaches, this destination is perfect for those looking to relish in the radiant sunshine. It is also an ideal choice for those looking to learn how to surf, as there are plentiful surf schools in the area. Bursting natural splendour, there’s verdant valleys, crashing cascades, and a wildlife sanctuary to be explored.


If you’re an avid adventurer who’s after the more nature-immersive side of the Gold Coast, then this is your best bet. With fewer crowds and plenty of open space, this part of Queensland is nothing short of a spectacular experience. Currumbin is made up of waterfront homestays, Airbnb’s, family-friendly hotels, and picturesque rental apartments. With mid-range accommodation dominating the scene, this is suited to a wide range of travellers.



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