Best area to stay in Jaipur

Where is the best place to stay in Jaipur?

Dilapidated yet grandiose, Jaipur belongs to the golden triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Also known as the Pink City, because of the hue reflecting off the red sandstone walls of the old city, it is usually the jumping off point to the other majestic cities of Rajasthan, one of India’s most enthralling regions. Jaipur is a marvel of ancient palaces and forts, iridescent markets and chaotic streets accompanied by the usual tangled overhead wiring of electricity and local traffic belching fumes while lurching down the streets. There are a multitude of jaw-dropping sights to behold, including the magnificent Amber Fort and Palace dominating the Maota Lake, which captures the very essence of Rajasthan, the City Palace and the truly captivating Hawa Mahal.


Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan and therefore it is advisable to choose an area to stay that is close to the key sights. Bani Park is the best area to stay in Jaipur, due to its proximity to the sights and also because it has the best collection of accommodation options, ranging from budget to high-end, as well as some heritage mansion guest-houses known as havelis, which hark back to an age-old time gone by.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Kalyan
Hathroi Fort
10€ - 12$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel   Avg price
Hilton Jaipur
42, Grand Geejgarh
56€ - 68$
Radisson Jaipur City Center
Khasa Kothi Circle
61€ - 74$
Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre
Sardar Patel Marg
77€ - 93$
ITC Rajputana, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jaipur
Palace Road, Gopalbari
89€ - 108$
Rambagh Palace
Bhawani Singh Rd
321€ - 388$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Jaipur, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Bani Park, the best area to stay in Jaipur

(Nightlife, Family, Leisure, Young Adults)


Bani ParkFor all its many wonders and attractions, Jaipur is a far-reaching metropolis and can be a confusing and arduous place to travel around if you don’t know where you are going. Therefore, in order to have the best access to the Old City sights, plus have a good selection of hotels and restaurants to choose from, the best area to stay is Bani Park.


There are numerous hotels that cover all budgets as well as an assortment of restored havelis. Havelis are traditional Indian mansions set around a courtyard and offer a charming place to stay while experiencing a real slice of Indian culture. From the Bani Park area inexpensive local transport abounds, including the infamous rickshaw drivers who work around the neighbourhood nineteen to the dozen. There are several good restaurants in and around Bani Park so you don’t have to go far to taste genuinely good local food. In particular don’t miss the tantalising Ghewar, an extremely sweet yet moreish Rajasthani delicacy soaked in syrup, or for something savoury try the dal bati churma, a baked ball which is eaten with dal.



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Other areas to stay in Jaipur

C Scheme

(Architecture, Solo travellers, Markets, Couples, Food)


C SchemeAlthough the C Scheme area has fewer accommodation options available than Bani Park, it too is a great place to stay because it is ideally situated within walking distance of the main sights, such as the City Palace and Hawa Hahal. Jaipur is famous for its palaces, and a good one to start your day at is the lavish City Palace, made up of a vast complex of courtyards and gardens that display Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The royal family still live next to the palace in the Chandra Mahal (Moon Palace). From there you can head to the adjacent and even more thrilling Hawa Hahal. The intricate façade of Hawa Hahal is made up of five floors of tiny windows overlooking the street. Rumour has it that it enabled the royal ladies to watch the activities in the street without being seen by the general public. Furthermore, the windows allow a welcoming breeze to enter, which kept the palace cool and earned it the nickname Palace of the Winds.


Once you have seen this amazing feat of architecture you can go and check out the UNESCO protected Jantar Mantar astronomical observatory, a complex set of geometric structures built in the 18th century at the end of the Mughal period, which measure time and forecast eclipses and track celestial activity. Alternatively, you could be tempted to drop into the fabulous Johari Bazaar, to stock up on glittering jewellery and bangles in gold and silver.



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MI Road

(Family, Architecture, Street Food, Cinema, Heritage, Couples)


MI RoadSwarming with people and action, the busy MI Road (full name Mirza Ismail Road) is the main road that cuts through the entire city, running from Sanganeri Gate to Government Hostel, and is one of the best places to stay. Thanks to its positioning, This area offers unbeatable connections to the rest of the city by means of local transport via several landmarks including the Sanganeri Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Jarasthali Emporium and the Raj Mandir Cinema. The Raj Mandir movie theatre, a lavish building that looks like a big pink cream cake, is one of Jaipur’s most iconic sights and a great place to see a Hindi film.


It was said that the MI road was designed so that all other roads of the city would lead to this one, earning the area the title “heart of Jaipur”. This very lively neighbourhood has a number of good hotels to choose from that cover a variety of budgets and is also the city’s main go-to area for happening eateries, which sell both local and international cuisine. In addition, it is one of the main shopping areas selling everything from clothes and textiles to jewellery and ornamented handicrafts.



Hotels in MI Road




Tonk Road

(Parks, Ancient Buildings, Sports Stadium, Shopping, Solo Travellers)


Tonk RoadConvenient for the airport, Tonk Road is a residential area and quieter than the neighbourhoods located in the centre. It is a good place to stay if you are looking for mid-range to luxury priced hotels and also has a good choice of restaurants and nightlife options. From here you can access the Birla Temple, originally known as Lakshmi Narayan Temple carved out of pure white marble.


This area is further from the city centre but in a good location for getting to and from the airport on arrival or departure. If you do want to travel to the city centre there are many local transport options available from here including rickshaws and taxis.



Hotels in Tonk Road





(Nightlife, Family, Street Food, Culture)


RajaparkA veteran in origin, yet vibrantly cathartic and versatile in appeal, Rajapark is infused with gleaming nightlife, diversely delicious food, robust cultural synchronicity and an enrapturing aura. Established in the vicinity of the celebrated 'Motidungri temple' and marble masterpiece 'The Birla Mandir', the outer boundaries of this city region are also in good touch with the princely heritage such as the incredible Albert Hall Museum and astounding city palace, the two earthly recognized charms of Jaipur. Its wide roads mark the presence of many soothing and stellar staying zones within Rajapark, ranging from majestically marvellous hotels to modernistic guesthouses.


Despite limited means of public transportation and circumscribed historical sightings, the place is still conquering the hearts of visitors with its daytime tranquillity and nightly liveliness. Having significant Punjabi population, Rajapark is privileged with the prolific mingling of Punjabi and Rajasthani flavours, the street food is spellbinding in terms of taste, it is the Eden of food lovers, From 'Jaipuriya pyaaj ki kachori' to heart throbbing paneer tikkas' it is so nuanced and simply mesmerizing. Though one can feel slightly disconnected with Rajapark from the main city area for offering less pinkish and monumental appeal, but the enriching diversity and evolving neoteric aesthesia it holds stands truly gratifying and unmissable.



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Civil Lines

(Couples, Solo Travellers, Relaxation)


Civil LinesAlways in motion yet well managed and accordingly guarded by the local forces, Civil lines is rated one of the finest places to reside in Jaipur, For the sole purpose of staying while jaunting through the pleasures of the city, it offers more than just deluxe hotels and admirable motels but also absolutes the search for cosy hostels and delightful holiday homes. Moreover, the newly built metro station serves to its easier and enhanced connectivity with the rest of the charms of the pink city.


As Civil lines is the official residence to several VVIPs including the Chief Minister and Governor of the state, security measures are a little tight in specific parts, but at the same time, one can notice there, the blend of red-brick and Rajasthani architectural styles of profound grace. With less ethnicity and more of commercialized and authoritative developmental practices, the area is not as chromatic as the age-old markets and ancient streets in Jaipur, but for a convenient stay and to explore the city further it is surely a fair choice.



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Amer Fort Road

(Heritage, Family, Craft, Nature, Leisure, Sweet Dishes)


Amer Fort RoadCarved through the mighty mountains and curiously designed structures, the royal road to Amer fort enthrals you in its flawless journey to the kingly palace. It is a transit to incredible times of roaring history and blooming regality. Among the multiple modes of accommodation to the heroic hillside castle, the utmost cherishing experience is delivered by either the imperial elephant ride or open roof buses. Beginning by the entrapping beauty of Jal Mahal, the glorious road takes you to a height where the whole of Jaipur can be stared in one blink. Moving in further one explores the marvellous mount stones narrowing the path, ancient majestic temples and gardens like the 'Pariyon ka Bagh', the scent of scrumptious sweets such as the 'Ameri Gunjiya' and the august Amer fort itself, blessing every visitor with its captivating grandness and grandeur.


Being in proximity to manifold haveli hotels, epicurean motels, welcoming palaces and guest homes, the Amer fort already has been a craved tourist destination. Also, for its cultural glory and phenomenal significance, it is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every traveller who embarks on a journey to the regal lands of Rajasthan cannot state the completion of his or her expedition without stepping into the magnificence of the magisterial Amer fort road.



Hotels in Amer Fort Road




Vaishali Nagar

(Cafes, Couples, Shopping, Food, Nightlife, Young Adults)


Vaishali NagarEmbellished with springing modernity and spirited pop culture, the streets and avenues in Vaishali Nagar depict the booming economy of Jaipur. Linked by a chain of public transportation, every other region of the city is easily accessible from here and in terms of leisure and comfort the area holds within the coolest cafes, restaurants, lounges, ravishing diners and premium hotels. The quick availability of homestays and villa hotels is also a vantage of this spot for travellers.


For ardent visitors, the more tempting and promising feature of Vaishali Nagar is the galore presence of renowned international brands and food chains along with exquisite indigenous stores and relishing eateries. Although the area lacks in any architectural or historical landmarks yet the trendy zones around frequently travelled Amrapali circle and the crafty National Handloom sale units are beheld by tourists and shoppers. Apart from the exuberant glamour and upscale ambience, Vaishali Nagar also has an Art of Living centre which is solemnly dedicated to prevail yogic and meditational practices among human beings, offering a dignified spiritual experience to visitors from all over the globe.



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