Best place to stay in Melbourne

Where is the best place to stay in Melbourne?

Melbourne is one of those places that will live long in the memory and this is due to its many wonderful charms and there is no wonder why people keep returning to it. Creative, sophisticated and stylish are just some of the words that can describe Melbourne and you can feel how the proud the locals are here as it is coined Australia’s cultural capital. The city features Victorian-era buildings, fascinating museums and art galleries, various types of entertainment including live music venues and comedy clubs, brilliant shopping and Melbourne is particularly sports mad.


The best area to stay in Melbourne is the Central Business District, which is also where the city centre is located. This area of the city is riddled with tourist attractions that are both modern and historical and appeal to a wide audience. Here you can visit stunning architecture like churches, government buildings and cathedrals, some of the best museums and art galleries as well as markets, entertainment areas and beautiful gardens. This is also the best for restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels as it is has heaps of each of them and therefore you are never too far away from any of it.

Hotel   Price per night
Best Western Melbourne City
16 Spencer St
62€ - 69$
Causeway Inn On The Mall
327 Bourke Street Mall
63€ - 71$
The Victoria Hotel
215 Little Collins Street
95€ - 106$
Hotel   Price per night
Alto Hotel on Bourke
636 Bourke Street
87€ - 97$
Oaks On William
350 William Street
94€ - 105$
Hotel   Price per night
Adelphi Hotel
187 Flinders Lane
193€ - 216$
Grand Hyatt Melbourne
123 Collins St
206€ - 231$
Crown Towers
8 Whiteman St
265€ - 297$


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Central Business District, the best area to stay in Melbourne 

The CBD area is one of the most popular areas in the city due to the diversity of tourist attractions and the sheer amount of them. An extremely important factor too is that the sights are not too from one another, meaning that it provides a fun way to take in everything that Melbourne has to offer. In truth, one of the main points of interest is the Docklands, where there always seems to be something going on.


At the Docklands, you can visit the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, which is Australia’s only giant observation wheel and gives visitors the chance to see the best skyline that the city offers, whether it is day or night. The Docklands Market is one of the most celebrated due to its multiculturalism with lots of different stalls selling items and objects from Europe, the Middle East, African and traditional Australian things too. From the Victoria Promenade you can go on cruises that sail through the city offering the city from a different perspective and is ideal for a romantic dinner, friends get together or even a birthday party.


Other things to check out at the Docklands include Wonderland Fun Park, which is the main amusement park in the city with many fun carnival rides for all the family. Another fun activity here is the Lego Education Centre, where you can build all sorts of structures and for the car lovers, head to the Fox Classic Car Collection. This warehouse has everything from Mercedes Benz, Ferraris, Porches and many more with some being owned by some of the most famous people on earth. The Docklands is also home to the Victoria Police Museum, which tells the social history of policing and crime in the state from the early 20th century through to the present.


One of the major highlights at the museum is the collection of Kelly Gang armour, who were notoriously known during the 1920s. For some architecture sightseeing, the best places to check out include St Patrick’s Cathedral, which is a fine example of Gothic Revival and St Michael’s Church, which is a Romanesque style church that was built in the late 19th century. You can also visit the City Hall and gaunt at the social and political significance of this impressive 19th century building as well as taking a tour around it. Other fascinating things to see and do are the Aquarium as it is one of the newest and largest aquarium in the country and is even home to the world’s only display of Elephant Sharks.

CausewayInn On The Mall Hotel Melbourne
Econo Lodge Hotel Melbourne

Other areas to stay in Melbourne

St Kilda


St Kilda is one of the most popular neighbourhoods, which is particularly famous for its beaches and laidback style, which has amazing sand and clear waters. The Pier provides an enjoyable walk and can get busy during sunset as it offers spectacular scenery as well as opportunities to see penguins. Luna Park is a fun day out for everyone, which is a historic amusement park and was built in the early 20th century and is perfectly situated in front of Port Philip Bay. During the day and more at night, Fitzroy Street and Acland Street are the main places to go out in with many different cuisines as well as live music being played at lots of bars and clubs. This area also has the best range of hotels and hostels as well.


South Yarra

South Yarra is one of the oldest districts in Melbourne with many attractive tree-lined streets that offer wonderful walks and cycle paths that past many historical mansions and houses. The main features for coming here are down to shopping and entertainment purposes with the centre being Chapel Street, which hosts a great variety of shops, malls, complexes, markets, restaurants and clubs. You can also walk to the river and follow its meandering path or visit one of the large parks to relax in.