Best area to stay in New Delhi

Where is the best area to stay in New Delhi?

New Delhi has a fascinating blend of historical monuments and attractions with the new and upcoming high-tech industry. The city has its own cultural identity, which is India’s colourful and ever-bustling capital city that is full of opportunity and excitement wherever you go. The city was designed by the British when it was under British rule in the 1920s and New Delhi boasts lots of imperial architecture, various gates, monuments, museums, art galleries, gardens and many other places of interest. The people are ultra friendly, who smile throughout the day, and there are many excellent and delicious restaurants to try out.


The best area to stay in New Delhi is Connaught Place as it is New Delhi’s colonial heart and is one of the main commercial centres in the city. Almost every visitor finds their way to Connaught Place as it is where you will find some of the best restaurants, nightlife, shopping and hotels as well as some attractions that are well worth visiting. The area can be very chaotic at times especially during the day and therefore a visit to the central park is a definite must as it gives you break from all of it.

Hotel   Price per night
Rams Inn
7 Jain Mandir Lane
33€ - 37$
Hotel   Price per night
Hotel Palace Heights
D - 26/28 | Connaught Place
87€ - 97$
Hotel   Price per night
The Hans New Delhi
15 Barakhamba Road
112€ - 125$
Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place
G-59, Connaught Place
118€ - 132$
Hotel   Price per night
Shangri-La's Eros Hotel
19 Ashoka Road
152€ - 170$
The Imperial Hotel
1 Janpath
250€ - 280$


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Connaught Place, the best area to stay in New Delhi

Connaught Place is a vibrant and busy area and is built on concentric circles that surround the central park. Most visitors will make their way to this area due to the various factors like nightlife, shopping and tourist attractions and is where you will see quite a few expats that walk along the streets as it has a decent sized community of them living here. Connaught Place, being a notoriously busy area for both locals and tourists, it will come as no surprise to you that there are plenty of touts, who will try to get you to part with your money.


One of the closest tourist attractions in the area is Jantar Mantar, which is one of five open-air observatories that was built in the 18th century and is where you can marvel at the huge instruments that can be seen at the observatory. However, a visit to the area is not complete without seeing one of the most popular shopping centres in the city, which is a sprawling circular market. This place has everything and anything that you could possibly want from booking agencies, mainstream clothing shops like Adidas, bookstores, music shops, banks as well as lots of cafes and restaurants to pick from. There is also a cinema complex and the markets of Janpath and Palika Bazar are close by with both offering many fashion items.


There are many restaurants to pick from in Connaught Place and range from traditional Indian foods like huge selections of curries as well as European and American foods, which are all generally well-priced. Hotels and hostels are found all over the area with many offering clean and big rooms with some being very cheap and some being very expensive.

Other areas to stay in New Delhi

Indian Gate

This area is to the south of Connaught Place and is at the very centre of New Delhi and for many is the chief attraction, which is this 42 metre high Indian Gate. It has been compared to “Arc de Triomphe” in Paris, which is easy to see why with its huge archway in the middle of a roundabout.


The enormous monument is dedicated to the 70,000 Indian soldiers that lost their lives fighting alongside the British Army during the First World War. This was erected in 1921 and since then there have been other memorials set up next to it including the Amar Jawan Jyoti, which represents India’s independence.


There is also an eternal flame, which burns day and night under the arch and this in memory of the soldiers that died in the Indo-Pakistan War in 1971. This particular moving and sobering area is extra special at night as it is lit up wonderfully along with a display of the fountains and coloured lights. There are also wide open green spaces for people to sit on and have a picnic too. Another place of interest is the National Museum, which has a huge display of arts and handicrafts from all over the country with the most interesting sections being Indus Valley Culture and Buddhist Heritage.


The National Science Centre is a fun and interactive place for all ages and there are sections on Indian Science and Technology as well as DNA Science and Dinosaurs. There are also a couple of theatres in the area as well as cinemas that both have English and Indian shows and productions. The restaurants here offer a wide range of cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, European and Indian, which can be found along the main strip.


There are a good amount of trendy bars and clubs that are situated on top of buildings, in basements and even beside swimming pools. The hotels offer some of the best views in the area with the majority being luxurious but do come with a more expensive price.



This area receives a lot of praise from tourists due to its concentration of affordable hotels, shops and restaurants. The name “Paharganj” means “hilly neighbourhood” and the main attraction is the market, where you can buy all sorts of items from spices, herbs, textiles, handicrafts, fresh produce, clothes and much more. Other things to see in the area are the Qadam Sharif dargah, which is a monument dedicated to the Prophet Mohammed as well as Qazi Wali Masjid, which is a mosque that has beautiful carvings and arched doorways.


The majority of restaurants are mainly Indian influenced though there are a few other cuisines if you look hard enough. These meals are generally exceptionally cheap so you can eat yourself to sleep and the cheapest hotels and hostels can be found by the train station.