Where to stay in Phuket

Where are the best resorts to stay in Phuket?

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and lies just west of the mainland, making it easily accessible and increasingly popular with tourists from all around the world. Tourism provides Phuket’s main income, with visitor numbers rising year upon year. A renowned party island, Phuket may have a reputation for being wild and care free, but it also has a more gentle, laid back ambiance that means there really is something for everyone.


Hedonistic travellers will enjoy a stay on the party resort of Patong; culture vultures will enjoy the old world delights of Thalang; and bohemian tourists will not be able to get enough of Kata. Phuket offers a traditional beach holiday, with plenty of all inclusive packages but it is also a great place to explore, with the locals speaking very good English to help you get around the island with relative ease. The majority of Phuket is busy but there are pockets of quietness and serenity, with Kamala beach offering holiday makers the chance to get away from it all.


Wherever you stay in Phuket, you will be met with long sandy beaches, amazing food and a very friendly welcome.

Hotel   Avg price
Vivace Hotel
38€ - 37$
Hotel   Avg price
BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments
80€ - 78$
Amari Phuket
129€ - 126$
Mom Tri's Villa Royale
Kata Beach
170€ - 167$
Hotel   Avg price
The Chava Resort
Thalang District
260€ - 255$
The Shore at Katathani
Kata Beach
401€ - 393$
Trisara Phuket
Thalang District
637€ - 624$


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Best resorts to stay in Phuket



PatongPatong is the largest and most popular beach in Phuket, with a reputation for being a party resort. The resort attracts people from all walks of life, whether that is students on a gap year, young couples wanting to let their hair down or singles looking for company. One thing everybody has in common is an open mind: something that you will definitely require when you take a walk down Bangla Road.


The Bangla Road area is the place to party and you will be met by transvestite shows, ladyboys, go-go girls and plenty of loud music and dancing opportunities. Most bars are outside and open plan, so there is no need to go inside if you prefer to just soak up the atmosphere so that you have a few stories to tell your friends when you get back home!


Despite the extrovert nature of Bangla Road, there are a lot of good bars and street food outlets in the area and it is a good place to go shopping for gifts and cut price leather goods. If Bangla is just too much for you, there are plenty of other bars and clubs in Patong and you can always just hang out at the beach until the early hours. The beaches on Patong are beautiful and, although they can become crowded, you can still soak up the sun and sleep off your hangover before getting ready to party all over again. Luxury hotels line the beaches of Patong but there are also budget rentals and small guesthouses for those who will not be spending that much time inside.



Accommodation in Patong




Thalang District

Thalang DistrictThe Thalang District is located in the northern part of Phuket and is the main business district of the island. Tourism has taken over the town but there are still many roads that offer a taste of old Phuket, with traditional wooden houses and markets, as well as rubber plantations.


Thalang is a popular place to stay for golfers as it is home to an award winning golf course and has many spa resorts, for those looking for a health focused break. There are many temples and art galleries in the area, making a good place for those who seek culture as part of their holiday, rather than just beaches. There are; however, nice beaches to be found in Thalang and both modern and traditional restaurants. Thaeo National Park is a popular tourist attraction, as is Splash Jungle, which is Thailand’s largest water park.


There is always something to do in Thalang and there is a hotel or guesthouse to suit every budget. Due to the high level of tourism in Phuket, roads are in reasonably good condition and there are regular buses and taxis that allow you to explore beyond Thalang.



Accommodation in Thalang District




Kata Beach

Kata BeachKata is a laid back alternative to the busy beaches of Patong. You will still find crowded beaches in peak season but the area is much less rowdy and has a more intimate feel about it. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs to keep you entertained of a night time but the focus in Kata is all about day time activities. Surfers and water-sports enthusiasts stay in Kata for a yearly adrenalin fix, with people returning year upon year to enjoy the great breaks.


The laid back nature of the resort also makes it a hot spot for yoga lovers, with many hotel complexes and spas offering retreats for yogis all over the world; particularly in the Hat Kata Yai area. There is a great variety of accommodation in Kata, with all inclusive hotels standing next to bungalow rentals and hostels for the backpacking market. Another highlight of Kata is the wonderfully fresh Thai food on offer, from authentic street food stalls to top class restaurants, along the main Th Thai Na area, that turn traditional dishes into fine dining plates.



Accommodation in Kata Beach





KamalaNorth of Patong, Kamala Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of Thailand. A small fishing village, Kamala enjoys an altogether more relaxing pace of life, making it a great place to stay for couples and those wanting to get away from it all. Beaches are smaller but are less crowded and the water is particularly warm here, making it a lovely swimming spot. Due to its quieter nature, Kamala is relatively unspoilt and there are not that many large hotels.


Accommodation is centred around holiday lets and small villas which are popular amongst those who have retired and want to enjoy long term stays on the island. There is, of course, plenty of lovely food to be had with small family run restaurants and street food outlets along the beach. You are only a 10 minute drive away from the party resort of Patong, if you wish to liven up your holiday, but there are plenty of bars and cocktail places on the beach to enjoy a few drinks in a more relaxed style.



Accommodation in Kamala