Best town to stay in Rhodes

Which is the best town to stay in Rhodes?

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and is a place where lovers of ancient history and modern beach holidays come together for warm holidays in the sun. Culture seekers will enjoy spending time in Rhodes old town, where they can explore ancient Minoan and Neolithic history and thrill seekers can head to party towns, such as Faliraki. Although much of Rhodes has been developed to cater for the tourist industry, there are unspoilt towns across the island which are slowly developing into quiet resorts. Both Kiotari and Pefkos are quiet resorts that are ideal for couples that do not like crowds or that are wanting to enjoy a romantic holiday.


Rhodes’ beauty is summed up by a visit to the lovely town of Lindos: a town that is home to sprawling golden sands and inviting turquoise seas. You will find traditional Greek tavernas in all resorts, serving up Pitaroudia, a chickpea fritter that is the island’s signature dish. Rhodes is also home to some of the best wine producers in Greece and tourists definitely enjoy a glass or two during candle-lit dinners near the sea.

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Best resorts to stay in Rhodes


LindosLindos is, arguably, the most beautiful town on Rhodes. Its cobbled streets are lined with white washed houses, large flower pots, olive trees and quaint churches, that make the perfect backdrop to your holiday snap, think Mamma Mia and you are almost there. There are two main beaches, for those that like sun, sea and sand, with Pallas beach to the North and St Paul’s Bay to the South. St Paul’s is a great spot for snorkelling or fans of the sea can take a glass bottomed boat trip to see what tropical fish they can spot.


The town has a preservation order meaning councils and businesses are restricted in how far they steer away from tradition when developing in Lindos. Although traditional, Lindos does embrace change and is certainly a town that loves to party.


Tourists can enjoy long evenings sipping cold beers in bars and intimate meals in family run tavernas, with the option to party the night away if you want to.



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Rhodes Town

Rhodes TownThe Island’s capital, Rhodes Town, offers everything you will want in a holiday if you are a history buff that also likes to relax on the beach. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its well preserved medieval buildings proudly on show.


You can wander around the Palace of The Grand Master of the Knights or down the quaint Street of Knights: a 600 meters stretch of old inns. For a more traditional resort holiday, head over to the other side of town where you will be met with modern hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as a small shingle beach for you to kick back and relax.



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FalirakiFor those who are looking for a heavy dose of nightlife, Faliraki is the place to be in Rhodes. With a reputation for all night parties and a philosophy that everything goes, Faliraki is not for the faint hearted but will be lots of fun for youngsters.


When you enter Faliraki you will be met with young people fresh out of college looking for their first taste of a holiday without their parents and doing everything they can to have a good time.


There are good beaches to be found in the area, with plenty of water-sports and beach activities to keep you entertained in the day. Tavernas tend to be geared towards the UK market but you will still find traditional restaurants dotted around, if you want a true taste of Greece.



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KolymbiaIf Faliraki sounds a little too crazy for you, Kolymbia is a good compromise. The town knows how to party but there is a whole lot more decorum and locals work hard to ensure that tradition mixes with modernity.


In Kolymbia, you can enjoy a traditional beach holiday, where beaches are busy but not overly crowded and the nightlife is fun but not too raucous. Tourists that have been coming to Rhodes for years but are frustrated by some over-development are staying in Kolymbia to enjoy a true taste of Greek life.


The picturesque seafront is a bustling place to be during the day, with locals looking to pick up the catch of the day from local fishermen and tourists sipping coffee outside the many cafés that line the streets. Kolymbia has a bit of everything and a whole lot of golden sand, making it an all-round great place to stay.



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KiotariA small up and coming town, Kiotari is a breath of fresh air for those wanting a truly relaxing holiday. The resort is still developing but is doing so at an admirable pace, with luxury hotels being built alongside affordable self-catering accommodation and villas for rent. New bars and restaurants are popping up each year, with a focus on traditional dishes with locally sourced produce.


Kiotari is a good base to explore the island and to go island hopping to nearby Aegean favourites. Watch this space for Kiotari expansion as it is sure to become a future favourite for many tourists but in the meantime it is a special place for well-travelled lovers of Greece that are looking for something new.



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Pefkos (Pefki)

Pefkos (Pefki)Pefkos is another low key holiday destination that caters for the older crowd or couples looking for a romantic getaway. This sleepy town is full of charm and will make visitors feel at home, just with a little more sunshine and wine!


Days are spent on blue flag beaches, relaxing on sun loungers and paddling in the sea and nights are spent supping beer with locals that will recommend the perfect itinerary for a day trip on the island.


Whether you are looking for an authentic Greek holiday or all of your home comforts with the added sunshine, Rhodes is the island to head to, for rest, relaxation and lots of fun.



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