Best towns to stay in Santorini

Which are the best towns to stay in Santorini?

Santorini is the southernmost island of the Cyclades, lying beautifully in the Aegean Sea. Its landscape was formed as a result of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history, creating a volcanic caldera that defines Santorini. The crater has left the island with an landscape that is nothing short of spectacular, so it is easy to see why millions of visitors flock to the island each and every year.


Aside from the stunning cliff top views, Santorini is picture perfect in every way, with traditional white washed houses found across the island and golden beaches along its coastline.


The island’s capital, Fira is home to spectacular architecture and the many beach resorts on the island offer the perfect chance for you to rest and relax as you soak up the Mediterranean sun.


Oia, Perissa and Pyrgos are small towns that are perfectly formed and postcard pretty and the town of Kamari offers more in the way of traditional beach holiday activities. The island's intrigue stems back to ancient times, with the Minoan site of Akrotiri a popular tourist attraction for those wanting to explore the history of the island.

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Best towns and areas to stay in Santorini


FiraFira is a thriving hub of the island and is often buzzing with a mixture of locals and tourists. Those looking for a lively place to stay will enjoy Fira’s many galleries, museums, cathedrals and churches. Getting around Fira can be difficult, as you can only travel about on foot or by cable car, so it is not suitable for those who struggle to walk long distances. Couples looking for a romantic place to stay will be rewarded by spectacular sunsets down by Fira’s port, with dramatic views of the caldera and the beautiful blue domes that are synonymous with Santorini.


Accommodation is not cheap in any part of Santorini, with Fira being particularly expensive, making it the ideal place for people to stay if they are wanting a more luxurious holiday. Days can be spent relaxing on the beach or exploring the town and at night you can enjoy a long dinner at a traditional taverna, perhaps eating souvlaki and dolmades.



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OiaOia is perhaps the most beautiful town in Santorini, with its laid back outlook on life and stunning sunsets. Situated on top of a cliff, Oia enjoys panoramic views over the volcano of Palia and the island of Thirassia. The town is made up of traditional white washed houses and blue domes and is truly picture perfect as it proudly shows off its old world charm.


The village is very quiet and will suit those looking for a relaxing place to stay, with lazy days wandering around the town or taking in sites like the maritime museum taking up most of your days. The evenings are pretty special, as you drink a glass of wine or two as the sun sets then head to one of the small family run tavernas to enjoy a traditionally cooked meal, with fish a specialty in the area. Days can also be spent at the small Armenis beach or hopping on a boat over to Thirassia.



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PerissaThe small town of Perissa can be found on the South eastern part of the island and is famed for its dramatic 7 km stretch of beach, made up of volcanic black sand. Those looking for a quiet place to stay will enjoy a relaxing holiday in Perissa. You will not be truly secluded in Perissa, as there are plenty of traditional Greek taverns and wine bars to be found around the town and there is a steady flow of people enjoying the town nightlife, during the summer.


The beaches of Perissa attract surfers and water-sports enthusiasts, with its exposed waters and its long Blue Flag stretch of coastline. The clear waters are great for snorkelling, making Perissa an ideal spot for nature lovers. As well as luxury hotels and villas, Perissa has a good range of self catering accommodation, for those on a budget. Eateries include intimate tavernas and modern cafés, to large European style bars. You will never be short on things to do if you stay in Perissa.



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PyrgosPyrgos is postcard pretty, with small white washed houses and churches combining to create a series of winding roads around the town. If you are looking for a pretty village, relaxed and friendly as you see on TV then Pyrgos is definitely the place to stay. A little bit of Greek heaven awaits you as you enter this inland village, tucking you away from the hustle and bustle of Thira and other surrounding towns.


There is no beach in Pyrgos but there are plenty of bars, restaurants and tavernas that you can stroll to if you want to get outside of your hotel complex. As with most places in Santorini, Pyrgos enjoys amazing sunsets that will warm even the coldest of hearts and, once again, views from every angle can be breathtaking. Because of its rural nature, Pyrgos attracts older couples who are wanting to get away from it all and is not suited to those wanting a more active holiday. Couples on honeymoon or a romantic break are often spotted in Pyros, due to its unique beauty and quiet pace of life.



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KamariThe jagged cliffs of Kamari offer an amazing backdrop to the island’s spectacular sunsets, making it another great place to stay for couples. A Blue Flag beach attracts sun worshipers throughout the summer season, with lots of opportunities for beachside activities for when soaking up the sun gets a little too much. Kamari is the most sophisticated town in Santorini, with luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants lining the picturesque streets of the town.


Couples wanting a special treat make Kamari the place to stay for a holiday packed full of opportunities for rest and relaxation. When a change of pace is required, after sitting back and enjoying spa experiences and one to one hotel services, there are opportunities to explore ancient Greece. Above Kamari beach is the tabletop settlement of ancient Thira, dating back to the 9th century BC and full of temples, churches, theatres and a quaint main square. There are some great photo opportunities and views that you will find difficult to tear yourself away from.



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The harbours throughout Santorini are often lined with swanky boats and yachts that are home to celebrities and fashionistas visiting the luxurious island. You can enjoy a taste of the high life yourself but can also relax in the warmth of a laid back Greek Island life. Wherever you choose to stay in Santorini, you are sure to be looked after like a King or Queen.