Where to stay in Taipei

Where is the best place to stay in Taipei?

Taiwan’s sophisticated capital has excellent food, friendly people and a reputation for being a safe city. Visit the city’s many decorative temples, or stroll through its fascinating museums, and you’ll get a sense of the mixed heritage of this thriving city. Head over to the Taipei Zoo and hop on the thrilling Maokong Gondola for some fantastic views. Or, visit the beautiful Longshan temple for a glimpse into the city’s Buddhist history. As the sun sets, take a trip up the 101 Tower to see some awe-inspiring views of the city and the surrounding landscape.


When deciding where to stay in Taipei, you should know that one of the best areas to stay in the city is Zhongshan district. Here, you’ll be within easy reach of the MRT metro line, which will take you to sights like the Shilin Night Market and Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, as well as the National Palace Museum, Maokong Gondola and the Taipei 101 building. In this district, you’ll find a wonderful selection of restaurants and cafes and some beautiful parks to relax in. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of excellent shopping in the area with duty free options available. The Taipei Main Station is just one stop away from Zhongshan MRT Station, and will take you to other parts of Taiwan.

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Zhongshan, the best area to stay in Taipei

ZhongshanThe neighbourhood of Zhongshan is one of the most popular areas in the city as it is incredibly diverse, which can’t be said for the majority of the districts in the city. There are many beautiful temples in the area with Bao’an, Confucius amd Xingtian being the most popular sites. Bao’an is dedicated to the Taoist God of Medicine and showcases some of Taiwan’s most wonderfully preserved detailed temple architecture. The Confucius Temple is one of the biggest temples in the city and is used as a centre for students and therefore it is usually quite busy, yet is a must-see due to the sheer grand of scale.


If you are lucky enough to be in the city on September 28th, then head to the temple where you will see the planet’s largest Confucian event of the year. Xingtian can get exceptionally busy and this temple is dedicated to the God of War, which has beautiful detail carved into the interior as well as exterior and has wonderful gardens. Another moving religious site is the National Revolutionary Martyr’s Shrine, which was erected in memory of the people who died in the war of the Republic of China. Zhongshan is made up of various recreation parks and these include Rongxing Garden Park, Meiti Riverside Park and Daija Riverside Park and all of them have great open spaces to chill and have a picnic in as well as many woodland areas.


The parks have good scenic views and some parks have facilities like tennis courts, golf courses and football fields, which will keep the sport enthusiasts happy. Another major attraction in Zhongshan is the Shilin Night Market, which is said to be the largest and most famous of its kind in the country, let alone the city, as it has a huge amount of stalls that sell various things like electronics, food, clothes, jewellery and lots of other goods, which is a stunning spectacle.


The district is home to a variety of museums and includes the Suho Paper Memorial Museum, Museum of Jade Art and the Fine Arts Museum, with all having fine pieces of art and other similar items that are all worth a look. Shopaholics will be in heaven as Zhongshan District has many shopping centres and a lot of streets have shops along them and one of the most famous areas for shopping is the Zhongshan Metro Mall. The mall also has many pubs and bars as well as restaurants though these can be found everywhere and there are many traditional eating places where you can try local food. There is no shortage of hotels either, and there is a great range of places to stay at from low budget to top end accommodation.



Hotels in Zhongshan


Other districts to stay in Taipei


WanhuaThis is the oldest district of the city and has a whole host of historic buildings to check out like Longshan Temple, which was first built in the 18th century but only to be greatly damaged during World War II. Even so, it has been renovated and is now an excellent example of Taiwanese classical architecture, which many people come to see. Other things to see in the area are the Snake Alley Market, where visitors can enjoy the famous snake soup or fried snake; for the braver ones, there`s even rat meat to try!. There are many different night markets in the area and are very easy to find as you will see large numbers of people congregating on streets and most of these markets sell spices, foods, jewellery and electronics.


And since you are there, make sure you do not miss XInmending, one of the most eccentric and beautiful parts of Wanhua. It is an area in itself, so make sure you dedicate it enough time to discover all it has to offer you. Actually, it is worth a paragraph in itself, so read below if you want to discover this amazing zone in Wanhua district


Xinmending area is meticulously built as if to cater to each crazy shopaholic`s needs. It has all the shops and markets one could wish for, from cosmetic and clothes for girls, to the newest gadgets on the market for men. It`s a paradise for Japan fans, since its famous bookstores sell Japanese music CDs and magazines. Japanese culture adorers will find their dream Japanese outfits here, along with exquisite dishes from the delicious Nippon cuisine.


This new, trendy area is made for curious ones who like to take risks and experience new things. An ancient knife massage? You got it! (Don`t worry though, it won`t hurt- it`s actually one of the best massages one can get in Taipei). Weirdly shaped food? Also here! Just go to the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Xinmending! Yes, the food actually comes in toilet-shaped plates. Cosplay cafes? Get your costume and come visit Xinmending! Beer or chicken flavoured ice-cream? Yes, just visit the Snow King in the area!  Since rotating table sushi restaurants are already too mainstream, Xinmending awaits you with a sushi train restaurant, where your sushi plates are delivered by a toy train on rails.


Tired of watching movies when the cinema is so full? Just get your own private movie theatre at MTV Parlor here! Xinmending is LGBT friendly and welcomes everyone with open arms to its various LGBT cafes and pubs. If it`s way past coffee hour, chill with a beer at Driftwood, a craft beer bar declared the best one in the area and one the best in the country.


Need any more reasons to stay in Xinmending? What if you knew that Xinmending is not only a place for the hipster, adventurer travelers, but also the culture hippies? The RedHouse, one of the area`s symbols, is the place where art meets culture and people- built in 1908, the gorgeous 8-sided building awaits you with craft shops, theatres and cafes. Xinmending is made for those who want to see what`s beyond mainstream travelling.  It`s the place where adventurous touristic places, beautifully intertwined with Taiwan`s history and culture, await you with open arms.



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Da`anAnother notable place for good accommodation is Da`an Area, perfect for everyone who wants to immerse into Taiwan`s amazing nature and tradition. Take a stroll through the gorgeous Forest Park, the largest green space in Taipei. You cannot miss it, since it occupies a massive 64 acres and it`s situated right in the middle of Da`an district. Despite being in the middle of the city here, you`ll feel secluded and isolated from all the hustle and bustle among the tall, leafy trees who guard the park for hundreds of years. During summer, you can sit in the shadow and enjoy the park`s free amphitheatre shows while sipping on a cold coffee, so popular in the area.


After a long park stroll, your appetite can be satisfied at Yongkang Street, a food market open both during lunch and evening. Try out the best dumplings in town at Din Tai Fung (bear in mind that the waiting time is usually one hour or more- but it`s definitely worth it!) Want to experience Taipei`s student life? Sure, just visit the campus of the most prestigious university in the country, National Taiwan University! Its green campus welcomes you with numerous cafes, restaurants and museums. Get lost in the huge insectarium here, which has more than 100-year-old species on display, or admire the natural artefact collection at the Anthropology Museum.


And, for those who thought Taiwan is all about Buddhist or Taoist temples, Da`an Area will bring you Taipei Grand Mosque and change your mind. Covering over 2700 square meters, this is the most famous Islamic Building in the whole country, a not-to-miss spot for the religious and cultural travellers. Try your hand at preparing tea in the famous Wistaria Tea House, with a history of almost 100 years old. This Japanese style house awaits you with great tea, friendly staff and laughter.


So, there you have it- historical sites, parks and good food. Want to see what else Da`an has to offer? Book a room in the area and discover the thrill of experiencing all this district`s wonders.



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DatongTaipei City is filled with cafes, and at some point, they all start to look the same… Unless you dare try something different, like the Python reptile cafe in Datong Area. However, this is not for the faint-hearted. The cold-blooded animals will happily walk among your drinks and desserts, once you take them out of the cage. If you feel like taking them home, don`t worry! The owners sell the snakes and lizards, and, for those who cannot take care of them anymore, they will buy them back at a lower place.


Datong Area, similar to Da`an, welcomes tourists with a wide variety of cultural and artistic spots.  Start your visit from the Taipei Confucius Temple, built in 1879, and gain an insight into the spiritual and religious path of one of this extraordinary island. Encounter the Taiwanese folk religion, a traditional religion of the locals, at Dalongdong Baoan Temple. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Datong Area is for those who want a taste of this country`s incredibly modern art.


Did all this visiting increase your appetite? Dihua Street is the ideal place to try traditional Chinese food and herbs. For a more variate palette of delicacies, make sure you stop by the Ningxia Night Market, where you`ll find everything from Vietnamese to Japanese, Taiwanese and Thai food. Getting away from all the city`s hustle and bustle has never been simpler than in Datong district-just hop on any public transportation to Yanping Riverside Park and strolls on the beautiful river`s shore, among unique species of trees and flowers.


Datong area welcomes all dreamy tourists who want to enjoy the city, but also enjoy their silence and awe moments in the middle of nature. If you fit the description, you should definitely consider Datong for your Taipei accommodation.



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ZhongzhengThis neighbourhood is well-known for its political buildings that are found here, which is a great place for a wander around. As well as the Presidential Office and the four different Yuan buildings there are gardens to explore as well as museums that focus on the history of the country. Other notable places of interest are the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, which was put up in memory of the former president and as well as the hall there is a National Theatre.


There are several traditional markets in the district as well as various shopping centres, which have an adequate number of shops that cater to most industries. There aren’t as many bars and places to eat at but it does have a good amount of hotels, which offer scenic views.



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