Best area to stay in Hiroshima

Where is the best place to stay in Hiroshima?

By Carles Barcelo. Updated October 27, 2023

If you are vising Hiroshima, the best area to stay is in the Downtown area, which covers the area from the train station to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. It´s an area that is full of history, impressive monuments, beautiful scenery and a diverse cultural wealth.


Upon arriving, the first stop should be the Peace Memorial Park, where you will be able to explore the Genbaku Dome, more commonly known as the Atomic Bomb Dome, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the Children´s Peace Monument commemorating the children who were victims of the Atomic Bomb, the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound, the Flame of Peace, the Peace Clock-Tower and many other monuments. Every August 6th the Park hosts a beautiful and emotive ceremony that is well worth attending.


We also recommend you visit the beautiful Hiroshima Castle, reconstructed in 1945, which is home to the museum about the city’s history before the Second World War and which also offers beautiful views of the city. Another place to visit is the amazing gardens of Shukkei-en, which hold more than 400 years of history, as well as the Okonomi-mura building, another mandatory visit, which is teeming with small restaurants specializing in Hiroshima’s most typical dishes.


You are also in close proximity here to the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Baseball stadium. If you want to do some shopping, head for Hon-dori street, which is full of high quality clothing stores, although you can also find many bargains here. If you are looking to experience some of the city´s nightlife, Mac Bar and Stevie´s Wunder Bar are good options. You can easily get round the city using the Electric Railway, but for travel to and from the airport, the best option is to take a taxi, as it’s a 50 minute journey out.

Hotel   Avg price
Urbain Hiroshima Central
Teppōchō, 5−20
50€ - 55$
Hiroshima Washington Hotel
Shintenchi, 2−7
55€ - 60$
Mielparque Hiroshima
Motomachi, 6−36
70€ - 76$
Hotel   Avg price
Rihga Royal Hotel Hiroshima
Motomachi, 6−78
78€ - 85$
Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
Matsubarachō, 1−5
84€ - 92$
Hotel   Avg price
Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel
Wakakusachō, 12−1
170€ - 185$

On the map, which shows the best area to stay in Hiroshima, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Staying near the train station


hiroshima-train-stationA good option for staying in Hiroshima if you are travelling in Japan by train (Shinkhansen) is to stay in the area near the train station. The area is pleasant and provides good access to the rest of the city by tram. If we want to walk the  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, it is 30 minutes away.


If we travel with the Japan Rail Pass we have the advantage of using the tourist bus, a good option when travelling around Hiroshima, which stops at the station and is free upon displaying the pass.


If we are going to visit Miyajima it is also convenient to stay near the station since the two most popular travel options, the train and the tram, depart from there.



Hotels near Hiroshima Station

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