Where to stay in Osaka

Where is the best place to stay in Osaka?

This thriving and popular harbour city is the largest of its kind in West Japan, which is known all over the world as the “kitchen of the nation”. This is because of the Osaki people and their obsession with food, which is helped out by what feels like millions of food stalls and restaurants on every street and corner. The city is also very famous for its castle, along with historical temples, ample shopping opportunities, various amusement areas and has one of the best nightlife’s in the country. There is always something to find and do in the city, which makes this place one of the most appealing on the planet.


If you’re wondering where to stay in Osaka, the best area to stay is Namba district, due to its brilliant location, which is right in the heart of the commercial and cultural centre of the city. This is also the main transportation hub and therefore is exceptionally easy to find and the area is home to a decent number of tourist attractions, hotels, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and shopping streets. Namba is particularly authentic in terms of Japanese culture, which is why it is one of the most popular places to stay in Osaka.

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Hotel Le Botejour Nanba
2-4-9 Sennichimae
57€ - 63$
Midosuji Hotel
3-7-20 Namba
76€ - 84$
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Dotonbori Hotel
2-3-25 Dotombori
100€ - 110$
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Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka
1-2-3 Minatomachi
115€ - 127$
Namba Oriental Hotel
1-3-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi
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Hotel Ichiei
1-6-8 Nanbanaka
135€ - 149$
Cross Hotel Osaka
2-5-15 Shinsaibashisuji
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Swissotel Nankai Osaka
1-60 Namba 5-chome
231€ - 254$


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Namba, the best area to stay in Osaka

NambaThe area of Namba is a spectacular place that ticks all the boxes that stereotype Japan with the streets covered in neon, which highlight people’s businesses and services as well as karaoke rooms, DVD places, cinemas and numerous shopping centres and malls. This bustling and energised tourist area is what gives the city its authenticity and is one of the most popular places for entertainment and shopping purposes, which it makes it the perfect place to stay in.


There are some excellent tourist attractions to check out in Namba, including the Museum of History, which does exactly as it says and that is displaying the city’s history by showcasing objects and items including works of art, photos and past products. Another interesting museum is the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, which focuses on Japanese woodblock prints called ‘Ukiyoe’ and is a surprisingly impressive place to visit. Other things to see and do are Shin-Kabuki-za, which is a theatre that features many comedians as does Grand Kagetsu theatre and is one of the biggest performance halls in the area and hosts local comedians as well as internationally-acclaimed ones.


All around Namba Station, you will find many shops and malls like Takashimaya department store that sell anything from electronics to jewellery and food and is where you could easily explore for a few days. The same streets around Namba Station also have the highest concentration of restaurants, pubs and clubs, which offer a great variety of tastes that gets the thumbs up from any tourist. A five-minute walk in any direction from the station will bring you to a whole load of hotels and hostels, where you will find cheap and cheerful places to some of the most expensive in Osaka.



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Other areas to stay in Osaka


ShinsaibashiThe Shinsaibashi area is the largest shopping area in the city with the main street being Mido-suji street, which connects from Kita in the north to downtown Minami and Namba districts. Due to the huge selection of shops in the area, there is no wonder that so many tourists make their way to Shinsaibashi or just stay in the area. The shops consist of reasonably priced items, which sell a diverse range of things from fashion, games, jewellery, beauty products, souvenirs and much more.


Along with shops just on the street, there are various large department stores and the area is divided into a few specific areas including American Village, which is where lots of young people hang out and explore the many American brands. Also, there is another area called European Village and this is centred around Suomachi-suji street, which is a complete contrast to the American Village as it is usually much quieter and elegant looking. The European Village contains European brands as expected but has themed features like British style streetlamps and typical London-type buildings as well as the odd red phone box. The neighbourhood is surrounded by restaurants too and there are many cuisines that have to be tried including traditional Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, European and American.


There are also an adequate number of pubs, clubs and hotels that appeal to every budget conscious traveller. The area is well connected too, so you can get from the airport as well as train to Shinsaibushi easily and to other places like tourist attractions and is known as a very safe place for visitors.



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Not too far from Shinsaibashi is the neighbourhood of Yotsubashi, which is also known for its shopping, though doesn’t have the same amount as Shinsaibashi. Other things in the area include the Orix Stadium, which is home of the professional baseball team, ORIX Buffaloes. There are guided tours around the stadium with entry into the museum, changing rooms and regular talks about the history of the arena and the team. Other attractions nearby include the Tennoji Zoo and Botanical gardens.


Yotsubashi has a brilliant selection of top quality hotels and restaurants, which are some of the best in the city as the majority offer great views, delicious food and very spacious rooms. The neighbourhood has a fun and trendy feel about it and is incredibly well connected to the rest of the city as well as being an extremely friendly area, which makes it a decent place to stay in.



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