Where to stay in El Nido

Where is the best place to stay in El Nido?

The secret of El Nido has only recently hit the world map and is now one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines and is part of the Palawan Islands. El Nido actually contains around 45 islands and inlets with the majority having breath-taking limestone cliff backdrops that can be compared to that of only a few places in the world like Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Krabi in Thailand. The awesome and jaw-dropping views are the main reason to visit El Nido, which has largely been untouched by tour groups.


The mainland has the biggest places, though still only villages and otherwise there is lots of greenery, stunning waters and some pristine beaches around its coastline with Bacuit Bay being one of the top areas to see with the range of marine life. Miniloc Island is where the first resort was established and is known for its turquoise-green waters and indifferent sized lagoons that are perfect for fishing. Pangulasian Island has some of the widest stretches of white sandy beaches in El Nido, which provide excellent swimming and other beach-related activities as well as a cluster of coral reefs.


Lagen Island is home to an important burial site of the Late Neolithic Age and is where many artefacts were recovered as well as being home to the most luxurious of resorts and is one of the best sites for bird watching. Apulit Island has a wide range of activities to participate in including scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, climbing and cave exploring as well as more leisurely sports.

Hotel   Avg price
Frendz Hostel El Nido
Barangay Masagana
41€ - 50$
Hotel   Avg price
Serena St. Bgy Buena Suerte
50€ - 61$
Hotel   Avg price
Nacpan Beach Glamping
Unnamed Road 7 Beach road
142€ - 172$
Hotel   Avg price
Matinloc Resort
Matinloc Island
284€ - 344$
El Nido Resorts Lagen Island
Lagen Island
446€ - 540$
El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island
Bacuit Bay
618€ - 748$


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Best Places to stay in El Nido



El Nido MainlandYou can’t get lost in El Nido and that goes for the mainland as there is only one road that goes around the mainland with the whole area being particularly safe. Upon arrival at the El Nido Airport, you will be whisked away to your choice of accommodation with the best in the North West of the country, which surround the magnificent beaches of Corong Corong, Marimegmeg Beach and Caalan Beach as well as looking out to the brilliant Cadlao Island, which means this area is one of the best to stay in.


Most beaches are clean and have good waters to swim in as well as a variety of popular sea-based activities to do and most are home to a restaurant and bar with some shops. El Nido is one of the two main towns on the mainland and there are churches and monuments to take photos of and there are an adequate number of shops and markets as well as cafes, restaurants and bars. The other touristy town is Problacion and has similar tourist amenities to those at El Nido. Other superb places to visit on the mainland include Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach found north of El Nido town, the Nagkalit- Kalit Falls, which is located deep in the forest and the area surrounding Bacuit Bay is one of the most stunning places.


At Bacuit Bay, you will find clear blue waters which are infested with a massive amount of marine life like turtles, manta rays, whale sharks, coral reefs and plenty of other species of fish. From the bay you can catch a fishing trip, cruise or diving trip, where they will take you to the best sites in the area.


Miniloc Island


Miniloc IslandMiniloc Island is particularly popular with the younger generations and those that are young at heart still with a great selection of activities to do like snorkelling, fishing, diving, mountain trekking, sea kayaking and even island hopping, which the resort can arrange as well as supplying the equipment.


The beautiful formations of the limestone cliffs provide some of the best hiking in El Nido and supply the best views too. The island has hardly any crime and The El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island is a great place to stay in, which is set in a cove that has the wonderful backdrop of the sheer limestone cliffs with the resort having around 50 top class rooms as well as a restaurant, games room, video room and a bar.




Pangulasian Island


Pangulasian IslandThis island is all about relaxation and being pampered, which is home to some of the widest and most stunning beaches in El Nido and therefore sun bathing, swimming and relaxation is a must. The El Nido Resorts Hotel is an excellent place to stay in and they can arrange your diving and snorkelling trips, which are regarded as some of the best in El Nido, though there are dive sites just off the beach too.


The trail that is found at the centre of the island provides 360-degree views of the nearby islands and can be a decent place to sport birds. This island is also very safe and the resort here comprises of 42 rooms built in various types of Filipino architecture and are separated into beach villas, pool villas and canopy villas as well as a restaurant, bar, gym, some shops and a sauna.




Lagen Island


Lagen IslandThis very safe island to stay in is truly paradise, which is made up of a dense four-hectare forest and a calm and superb lagoon. The forest and lagoon are home to a diverse range of birds and mammals and can be best observed in the early mornings and in the evenings along the Lagen Trail. You can also visit Leta-Leta Cave, which is where artefacts like pottery from as early as 265 BC can be seen, which were discovered here.


The El Nido Resorts Lagen Island can arrange diving trips to 20 different spots as well as provide snorkelling gear and kayaks. There are 50 rooms at the resort, where you can either stay in a forest room, beachfront room or in one of the water cottages that are built on stilts above the water. There are restaurants, bars, cafes and shops in the resort too.



Apulit Island


Apulit IslandRight on the other side of the mainland is Apulit Island, which is a world class place to stay in and is another spectacular getaway that has been vastly untouched. There are 10 diving sites around the island as well as chances to snorkel, sea kayak, windsurf and sail around Apulit, which is home to baby black tip sharks, stingrays and a whole host of fish species.


You can also walk around the island with various hikes on offer and you can climb up the amazing limestone cliffs as well as conquer some caves. This incredibly safe island is home to the El Nido Resorts Apulit Island and there are 50 cottages to pick from, which are perfectly built above the water or beside it. There is a good choice of restaurants and bars to choose from and there are shops that cater for all tourists.