Where to stay in Manila

Where is the best place to stay in Manila?

Choosing where to stay in Manila can be a little overwhelming. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Manila is a bustling capital city that on the outside looks chaotic but just as its name suggests, you will find its beauty hidden inside if you stay long enough. When you arrive in Manila you will be met with skyscrapers and congested roads, due to the huge surge in international companies taking route in the city.


Look beyond all of the business towers, though, and you will see a beautiful city that is one of the most welcoming in the world. Manila is one cool city, with a great music scene, trendy art galleries and theatre spaces, as well as traditional tourist attractions that makes Manila a city for everyone. The city has a lively nightlife scene, making it a popular destination for people wanting a city break, beach holiday and party all at once.


The best place to stay in Manila is Ermita, in the south of the city where the majority of tourist attractions are located. Other good places to stay in Manila are Makita and Pasig, both in the heart of Metro Manila. Makita is a large area of the city that enjoys great affluence, with big name shops, hotels and restaurants occupying the main streets of the district. Holiday makers love the convenience of staying in Ermita, Makita and Pasig, with everything they need on the doorstep of their hotel.

Hotel   Avg price
White Knight Hotel Intramuros
Plaza San Luis Complex
28€ - 31$
Casa Bocobo Hotel
Jorge Bocobo St. corner Kalaw Ave.
33€ - 37$
Hotel   Avg price
Lotus Garden Hotel
1227 A. Mabini St
76€ - 85$
Hotel   Avg price
Muralla corner Victoria Streets
59€ - 66$
Hotel H2O
66€ - 74$
Hotel   Avg price
New World Manila Bay Hotel
1588 Pedro Gil cor MH del Pilar
90€ - 101$
Pan Pacific Manila
M. Adriatico corner General Malvar Streets
110€ - 123$


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Ermita, the best area to stay in Manila

ErmitaErmita is the most popular place for first time tourists to stay whilst in Manila. Rizal Park lies at the heart of Ermita and is a National Park that is adored by locals and tourists alike. As busy as Ermita is, locals like to relax as much as possible, so shopping, eating and people watching is high on their agenda. Take note of what the locals do as you will love it too. Robinson's Place Manila is one of the largest shopping malls, that gets packed at weekends, with youngsters hanging out with friends and tourists snapping up the bargains. Adriatico Street is popular both during the day and at night, with plenty of restaurants, bars and cafés to suit every taste. Young people and couples will love the vast array of night life and live music venues, with the Ermita area becoming known as one of the trendiest areas to live in the world.


Manila Ocean Park, a large scale oceanarium is a great place to take children, as is the Museo Pambata, where kids are encouraged to interact with exhibits to support their learning. Although Manila is a large, crowed city, it can be a good place to come with your family, with hotels and restaurants very accommodating for children. Due to the size of Ermita, you will find hotels, condos, apartments and youth hostels to cater for every budget and every holiday need. A stay here is fast paced, varied and above all lots of fun.



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Other places to stay in Manila



MakitaMakati lies in the heart of Manila and is the main financial and commercial district. The area attracts big name businesses from around the world, something which has aided the city’s development and growth. Most of the hotels in the area are 4 and 5 stars, offering top quality services to tourists arriving in the city for business and pleasure. Honeymooners will love the pampering services and the area is popular with retirees, looking to finally relax. The main shopping areas in Makati are the Greenbelt area and the Gateway Mall, where you can buy designer brands alongside handmade Filipino gifts to take home.


The Ayala Center is a large scale mall, where locals hang out at weekends and tourists fill up their cases at a fraction of the price they would pay back home. Makati is packed with dining options, with street food stalls, cafés and restaurants scattered all around the district; the area northeast of Ayala Triangle is a particular hotspot for foodies, who cannot get enough traditional Filipino cuisine.


Makati is not all skyscrapers and high rise apartments, there are quiet spots where you can relax and soak up the atmosphere, with Greenbelt Park one of the most multicultural areas of the city. There are also lots of museums and galleries to visit if shopping and eating become a bit too much for you. Night life also centres around the Greenbelt area, with Makati Avenue coming to life of an evening, with bars, clubs, karaoke joints and GoGo bars.



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PasigPasig is a busy urban area in the Metro Manila area that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Pasig City is home to the Ortigas Center: a fast growing financial and commercial district filled with new skyscrapers popping up seemingly every day. This region of Manila has a high concentration of churches, which are good to look around and you can attend mass at the weekend. The Plaza Rizal is where people from all cultures get together to spend the afternoon after mass at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral nearby.


Pasig is close to NAIA Airport and has a fantastic infrastructure, meaning it is easy to get about to see other parts of the city and is a great base for exploring further afield. Tourists who enjoy arts and culture head to Pasig as there are lots of galleries, museums and pop up theatre productions that give Pasig a unique vibrancy. There is accommodation to suit all budgets but Pasig has a higher concentration of budget and backpacker accommodation than areas like Makita.


Metrowalk is a popular night time hangout, with dozens of restaurants and bars to feed and water tourists and plenty of places to relax and see how Filipinos like to chill. Food in the area is influenced by many cultures that converge in Pasig, so you can get traditional Filipino cuisine alongside Indian, Chinese and European foods – to name but a few. To round off your stay in the area, a trip to the Tiendesitas area will provide great shopping opportunities where you can buy something unique to take home.



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