Where to stay in Warsaw

Where is the best place to stay in Warsaw?

The Polish capital, Warsaw, is a city that disappoints no one due to the vast amount of outstanding and striking historical places of interest with many of them depicting the past World Wars. There are also an abundance of museums that portray the finest art in the country as well as informative exhibitions including the famous Warsaw Uprising. Warsaw is an absolute pleasure for walking around anyway as there are many history-filled narrow streets and large squares with beautiful architecture, which provide brilliant photo opportunities.


The best area to stay in Warsaw is the city centre as the majority of tourist attractions are located here like the Palace of Culture and Science. Most things to see and do in the city centre are in walking distance of each other, which offers lovely strolls between them. The area also has a great collection of charming cafes, an extensive range of cuisine and is home to the main nightlife in city with a huge number of bars, pubs and clubs to choose from. The city centre also has the best selection of hotels from hostels at budget prices to the most luxurious of hotels in Warsaw.

Hotel   Avg price
Apartamenty Zgoda Warszawa by DeSilva
Zgoda 6
57€ - 63$
Hampton by Hilton Warsaw City Centre
Wspolna 72
92€ - 101$
Hotel Metropol
Marszalkowska 99a
105€ - 116$
Hotel   Avg price
Mercure Warszawa Grand
Krucza 28
85€ - 94$
Mamaison Residence Diana Warsaw
13A Chmielna
88€ - 97$
Polonia Palace Hotel
Aleje Jerozolimskie 45
113€ - 124$
Hotel   Avg price
InterContinental Hotel Warsaw
Emilii Plater 49
150€ - 165$
Warsaw Marriott Hotel
Al. Jerozolimskie 65 / 79
170€ - 187$


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City centre, the best area to stay in Warsaw

Warsaw City centreIf you’re in for a pleasant city break that will include both sightseeing and shopping, Warsaw will surely meet your expectations. The center of this city has all you need during your getaway, from modern shopping malls to historic landmarks and restaurants you’ll never forget. It’s a tourist paradise: affordable food, beautiful architecture, five-star hotels with a view and green city parks are what makes it a perfect destination. It could be said that there's no need to leave the city center as everything you might want to see is around there.


Śródmieście, the central district, is where most of the shopping venues are situated, so you can take a break and pop in a few stores if you’ve had enough sightseeing or simply want to enjoy a shopping spree. The most popular mall (Złote Tarasy) is right next to the central railway station.


One of the first buildings that attracts tourists' attention is the Palace of Culture and Science, a gift and a leftover of the communist system. Tall and a little daunting, it does prove the most representative attraction of the city. Inside you'll find a high-rated theater, a museum and a movie theater, too. The best thing to do, though, is to enjoy the view from the observation deck at the top of the Palace, especially during sunsets.


As long as food is concerned, you’ll of course find plenty of restaurants in Nowy Świat, the main street leading towards the Castle, and near the Central Station. They’re mostly international, so if you’re looking for authentic Polish cuisine, you might want to check the old town or find the gems hidden in the streets behind the skyscrapers (Wilcza, Hoża, Bracka). Are you a street food fan? Make sure to visit the river surroundings at night– you won’t be disappointed.


The city center also offers many museums and galleries to visit. The National Museum and the History Museum are definitely worthwhile. Art fans should opt for Zacheta Gallery, a place full of local artists' works and international displays. Only a few stops from the center you'll find Copernicus Science Center or the Warsaw Rising Museum, known as the best museums in Warsaw.


Foksal is the street to remember when searching for nightlife venues. The street is surrounded by pubs and bars of all kinds. Some other popular drinking spots include Powiśle and Marszałkowska Street.



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Other areas to stay in Warsaw

Stare Miasto

Stare Miasto WarsawThe Old Town is very central and has a good number of things to see and do like the Royal Castle and the square that is found by it, which is huge and has many cafes, shops and restaurants around it. Also, there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which holds the remains of a Polish soldier that died in battle as well as containing soils from 38 battlegrounds. You will also find St. John’s Cathedral, a few museums, art galleries, shops, restaurants, bars and hotels too.



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wola WarsawWola is quickly becoming the commercial centre and is home to the Warsaw Rising Museum, which tells the story of the insurgents and the uprising in the years that followed the World War II. You will see many artefacts like weapons to love letters and more, which gives you an idea of what living under German occupation was like. The area has many cemeteries that mourn the dead of various religions and the military and there are also a good number of art galleries, cinemas and theatres in the region. Restaurants range from American to traditional foods and there are many clubs, bars and hotels to pick from.



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Praga Południe

Praga Poludnie WarsawIf what you’re looking for is reasonably priced food and picturesque streets, Praga Polnoc may be the place for you to stay. Accommodation in this part of the city is rather cheap and it is very easy to get to the center (usually a 7-minute tram ride to the main streets). Given Praga’s proximity to the river and the National Stadium, sports fans will surely find something for themselves; in the summertime drinking at the river banks is the most popular option among the locals. A favored relaxation spot is Skaryszewski Park with its beautiful Kamionkowskie Lake, where canoes can be rented.



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Mokotow WarsawIf you’re not on a tight budget and prefer to stay in a calm yet charming area, Mokotów will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. This district offers a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and green areas. For memorable food experiences check streets such as Kazimierzowska or Puławska. Getting to the city center may take a while but there is a subway line running through the district. If you feel like jogging or walking in a park, Pole Mokotwskie will be the right choice. This park attracts lots of locals and visitors every day and proves a perfect spot to chill out in.



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Ochota WarsawThe district of calm, everyday life. You’re likely to find cheaper accommodation in this zone. And if you do, don’t hesitate to book it as this district is well-connected with the rest of the city and really safe. It is also famous for its local markets where you can get all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies and much more; the markets usually offer locally produced cakes, candies, homemade delicacies and ecological cosmetics. Take a walk along Aleje Jerozolimskie or Raszyńska Street to admire Ochota’s unique old houses and villas. Szczęśliwicki Park is a wonderful place to stroll in any season, and to go skiing in winter.



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Praga Północ

Praga Polnoc WarsawProbably the cheapest district to find accommodation in, nicely connected to the city center by subway. Located just on the other side of the Vistula river, this part of Praga welcomes tourists with Dworzec Wileński, an old train station, and a local shopping mall. The area is full of old movie theaters and small pubs. There’s also a Museum of Praga that is worth a visit. The only thing that should be kept in mind while visiting this district is its questionable safety: it is usually better to be back home before it gets dark and late.



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